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Your Day With Grace

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Southington, OH

(716) 908-5029

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Your Day With Grace

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Southington, OH

(716) 908-5029

Updated 3 hours ago

I am a graduate of the American Academy of Wedding Professionals, and there isn't anything about your ceremony that I can't answer. I am an Officiant thru The Universal Life Church. I embrace all faiths, creeds, and life styles. All of my ceremonies are hand written and as different as you are from everyone else is to you. I am also a certified Wellness coach that focuses on anxiety issues; so I can handle and help with that aspect as well! I am excited to meet you and add my grace to your day!

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“Anna is a beautiful person inside and out! We were so happy that she was the one who helped us make Liuba's & Steve's love official! She was very personable, sweet and made our wedding ceremony special, touching and unforgettable! If you're planning your wedding, no matter if it's big or a small private event, Anna is the best lady you can find to make it special, very meaningful and sweet! Thank you, Anna, for your wonderful job and memories!”

Alexis Ziganova

“I was beyond pleased with Annette's services. From the first meeting I loved her energy and was grateful for her help in the planning and keeping me calm! She was so understanding and patient with me when I called her with multiple questions. She helped make our ceremony special and beautiful and we are so grateful that we found her!”

Cathleen Maass

“When my fiance and I decided to get married, my dream was to make it happen at a place of his dream. He has never ever seen or been to Niagara Falls (him living in Mississippi). Me, being from Toronto, Canada, have seen it many times. When I went on the hunt for a wedding officiant, I was directed to Annette. She not only took control of the wedding planning, but found us a nice location at the Niagara Falls. When my fiance found out about Niagara he was so happy, I have no words. Annette also helped us find a good limo rental. I will say this. All in all, she made a dream wedding. Something I never expected, despite the weather not being in favor of us. Thank you Annette. I recommend her to anyone out there who wants a romantic and beautiful wedding, no matter how short or long your ceremony is!”

Ameen Khwaja

“I do not know how to put this in mere words, but I will do my best. My fiance had never seen Niagara Falls, but wished he had. Annette not only made his dream come true, but I had the most beautiful wedding we could have dreamed of. She gave us flexible timings, advised us, and saw to it that our wedding was beautiful and perfect, a dream wedding. Thank you so much.”

Ameen Khwaja

“Amazing. Annette is extremely personable and warm. She is accepting of all faiths and backgrounds which makes families of mixed beliefs more at ease. Her literary background allows her to add to your ceremony in a way that is truly unique. I highly recommend Annette.”

Amanda Altman

“100%! Annette is very caring, easy to keep in contact, very flexible and willing to go above and beyond! Five stars!”

Fallon Garcia

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“On June 12, my son, 2nd Lieutenant Joseph Puntoriero married Rayann Grace Parkinson :) They are now on their way to S. Korea, where he will be stationed for 2 years. So proud of them both ♡.”

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