WedFolio Social Bookmarklet

What is a bookmarklet?

A bookmarklet is just a regular web browser bookmark that adds "one click" functionality to the browser. Bookmarklets extend the functionality of the browser in order to accomplish a specific task.

What is the WedFolio Social Bookmarklet?

The WedFolio Social Bookmarklet lets you save any wedding related website you find to your WedFolio account. From there you can then sort and organize the sites you have saved.

Wedding vendors can also use the WedFolio Social Bookmarklet to recommend other vendors they know and regard.

We rely on the collective intelligence provided by clients and vendors who use the WedFolio Social Bookmarklet to ensure our search engine provides the most relevant, up-to-date information.

How do I use the WedFolio Social Bookmarklet?

Simple. Just drag the black + Add to WedFolio bookmarklet (located below) to your browser's toolbar. Your browser will create a bookmark called + WedFolio. Anytime you come across a wedding related website that you are interested in saving (or recommending) just click the + WedFolio bookmark in your browser's toolbar.

+ WedFolio

What is WedFolio?

WedFolio is a crowdsourced web application that helps brides and grooms discover, connect to, and communicate with wedding businesses that meet their needs.

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