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Simple Wedding Day, LLC

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Myrtle Beach, SC

(843) 215-3440

Updated 2 months ago

Simple Wedding Day, LLC

  (76 reviews)

Top Reviewed

Myrtle Beach, SC

(843) 215-3440

Updated 2 months ago

Myrtle Beach Weddings: Simple romantic wedding ceremonies in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina are performed by Rev. Benjy Simmons, an ordained, licensed minister with over 28 years experience. Engraved Sand Ceremony Sets and Glasses and Photography packages are available. Beach decorations: Archways, Tikki Torches and Chairs. Weddings conducted on beach, hotel, resort or any designated area within the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach. Every wedding is a honor to perform and each is unique and special.

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“Absolutely had a great experience with my wedding! So well organized even though I was constantly changing count in people. He made my wedding a day to remember!”

Dakota Dodd

“I want to thank Pastor Simmons for doing our wedding. From the first day that I contacted him he kept in contact with us, always making sure everything was to our liking and our wishes. It was an absolute honor and our privilege for you to do our wedding. Thank you so much, Pastor Simmons.”

Philip & Cathy Caulk

“What an amazing day we had! It went so smoothly and started printout on time thanks to Rev. Benjy. I wouldn't hesitate to use him all over again if I had to!! He was the absolute BEST. I couldn't even stress about the day because all the details were already set forward ahead of time. The communication skills were amazing. Thank you so much. I don't think I can say it enough.”

Kailey Burleson

“What a blessed event. Benji and his wife made our special day heaven on earth. Not only were they flexible, accommodating, supportive, and extremely personable, but they were anointed to perform this wedding ceremony. They will have a special place in our hearts forever, and I would highly recommend them to friends and family. Thank you, Benji and Renee. God bless you!”

John & Susan Adkins

“Pastor Benjy performed our wedding on June 10th. He did a wonderful job with our simple wedding. He made what was a stressful day into an relaxed and enjoyable day. He also helped do our pictures. That was a big help. Our guests were really impressed with the pastor. Thank you once again, Pastor Simmons, for your services. You made our day beautiful and memorable.”

Daniel & Desiray Nerber

“Rev. Benjy wed us on the beach! It was very romantic, he had us stand in a heart within the sand. He guided us throughout the whole process which made it so easy. We felt very comfortable with him! Thank you, Rev. Benjy for making our day so special!”

Jamie Mabe

“Simple Wedding Day provided a phenomenal wedding experience. My husband and I were extremely impressed by both the minister and the photographer. Reverend Benjy Simmons and photographer Randall Hill made our wedding day fun and stress free. Great communication throughout the process. I have absolutely no complaints and I would highly recommend Simple Wedding Day for any kind of wedding or vow renewal ceremony. The company delivers a beautiful, meaningful ceremony with outstanding photographs!”

Bill and Dana Endorf

“Pastor Benji did a wonderful job! We could not have been happier with our ceremony. Our wedding was perfect! We could not have asked for anything better. We are so thankful that we found him!”

Chris and Michelle Alexander

“It should have been difficult to plan a ceremony and find an officiant online but Rev. Benjy made it very easy. He had many recommendations for the area for other services which were so helpful. He had many suggestions to make our wedding day 'ours'. It was simple yet beautiful. He added modifications to the ceremony per our request to include my daughter as part of the ceremony. He conveyed the message easily and beautifully. Thank you, Rev. Benjy, for making our day so special and fun.”

Michelle Solis

“Benjy was amazing. Very accommodating, patient and polite. It's scary picking someone to do your wedding ceremony over the internet, because you live 600+ miles away, but Benjy did a phenomenal job at assuring me all would be fine, and it surely was! Thank you for making our day special!”

Tricia and Tyler Grapner

“Recently married in a simple family beach wedding. Rev Benji was very professional, helpful and quick to respond. Helped make our wedding day very special.”

Susan & Don G.

“Rev. Benjy made our day very special. He was always quick to respond to any questions or concerns we had. I'm so glad he was able to officiate our wedding.”


“Rev. Benjy was a pleasure to work with and we couldn't have been more appreciative. His attention to detail and constant communication made us feel as though we were always a priority. Everyone in attendance complimented how wonderful his service was. We can't thank him enough!”

Ed and Cathy

“Rev. Benji Simmons is amazing! He has made our wedding ceremony absolutely beautiful and we couldn't be more pleased with how everything turned out! He made us feel at ease from the moment we met him and was wonderful to work with. Our ceremony was absolutely breathtaking. Thank you so much and I definitely recommend anyone that is looking to have the perfect ceremony, to hire him!”

Corey and Virginia

“Rev. Benjy Simmons was awesome and really knows what he is doing. He walks you through what needs to be done and when it needs to be done right from the start. For my husband and me, it was done quickly due to it being the only time he could get off and work into our schedule. Rev. Benjy was able to work with this out, and we had a great time and a beautiful ceremony. It was a simple beach wedding which included our shih tzus. Rev. Benjy is professional and will out do all your expectations.”

Jennifer Toback

“Absolutely Wonderful! We are so thankful we found Pastor Simmons and that he was able to perform our vow renewal He made it so easy to coordinate this event, and both he and his beautiful bride did an excellent job taking pictures for us -- they have quite an eye for light and positioning! A beautiful memory of our Myrtle Beach Vow Renewal! Thank you and God Bless!”

E. and K. Herty

“Just got married and the service was wonderful. I felt as though Rev. Simmons was my personal wedding planner. He was great with finding a good hotel and the perfect spot on the beach. The pictures were wonderful. Communication was a plus -- he stayed in contact from the moment I contacted him up to the wedding day. 2 THUMBS UP! Very professional services.”

Tracy Lewis

“Rev. Simmons was so helpful throughout the entire wedding planning process. I called and emailed him multiple times, and he always responded promptly. He is extremely nice, along with his wife Renee. He arrived early and had everything set up in plenty of time before the wedding started, even though we had to start an hour early due to the weather. We also had them do our ceremony pictures and they turned out amazing! I would definitely recommend him to anyone that is getting married!”

Kaleigh Morris

“Rev. Benjy Simmons performed our wedding November 18th on beautiful Surfside Beach. He was awesome, simple as that. From the preparation and details right thru the ceremony and paperwork. We loved that he gave us ideas and suggestion but left the decision up to us and encouraged us to incorporate our own ideas as well. Thank you again Benjy. Love your son's shop too.”

Chris and Tina

“Simple Wedding Day was everything we had hoped for. My new husband an I were so pleased with everything! Benji is very sweet and patient. He actually took the time to help us set up our simple wedding and it was perfect. I would definitely recommend Simple Wedding Day!”

Mrs. Summers

“Rev. Benjy Simmons married my fiance and I yesterday on the beach at Myrtle Beach State Park and it was absolutely beautiful. The archway and chairs were simple and perfect and his words brought tears to my and all my guests' eyes. Thank you so much Rev. Simmons, for making my big day beautiful, perfect and everything I could have ever wanted.”

Jennifer Stone

“My new husband and I got married on 8/3/13 during a sunset ceremony by Rev. Benjy Simmons. I cannot say enough great things about him and his wife! They were amazing! I would highly recommend Rev. Benjy Simmons! You cannot go wrong with him and his wonderful wife!”

Jessica Garland

“Rev. Simmons was wonderful to work with! He helped me plan a surprise vow renewal ceremony for my husband, and we included my daughter in the ceremony and sand ceremony. Rev. Simmons not only helped with the surprise, but stayed in touch during the planning as well as the day of the ceremony, as there was a concern of bad weather. The ceremony was beautiful and the pictures were amazing!”

The Schneider Family

“In an instant Rev. Benji put us at ease when we went to meet him for the 1st time. We live out of state. It felt like we knew him forever. That never changed for us from the 2nd time I spoke to him, to the last email he sent a few days prior to the wedding. Always reassuring me! He made the ceremony so special and personal which is what we both wanted. He always offered ideas and suggestions. We rented chairs as well. Words cannot express how thankful we are.”

Paul and Kelley Hester

“Robert and I decided we wanted a beach wedding ceremony and would be traveling 4 hours, along with our family and close friends, for our special day. Rev. Simmons was recommended to us and from day 1 he was nothing but helpful and friendly. He gave us lots of options and was an absolute delight to work with. I would highly recommend Rev. Simmons to anyone who wants the perfect minister for their special day -- someone who will work hard to make sure things are exactly the way you want them!”

Dusti and Robert

“We renewed our vows after 15 years of marriage on 4/14/13. The ceremony was on a beautiful Sunday evening at Myrtle Beach State Park. Rev. Simmons quickly made us feel like we've all known each other for years and connected with our family well. The entire event was special and the pictures turned out great. We highly recommend Rev. Simmons!”

Christy & Matt

“Pastor Benji was so helpful with the planning of our wedding! We live in NC and he helped us plan the hotel for all our guests, the location for our wedding at the Mrytle Beach State park (which was perfect) as well as helping us save some money on our marriage license by telling us what county to get that from. He spoke beautiful words at the ceremony and we were just so pleased with the photography that he had lined up for us. We were avoiding a hurricane and had to change the day of the wedding and he went along with everything so well! Thank you so much for making our day so special!”

Ron and Jessica Dunn

“Rev. Simmons was very helpful in the planning part of our Myrtle Beach wedding. He recommended the location, Myrtle Beach State Park. It was very beautiful and not crowded. The religious ceremony was just what we asked for. You could tell he had prepared and it came from his heart. On our wedding day it was just the two of us, so having Benjy and his wife (who made the photos, wonderful job) with us was very pleasant, “like family”. We enjoyed our wedding -- a lot of fun. We would recommend him to anyone planning a wedding in the Myrtle Beach area.”

Jerry and Jane Isenhour

“Rev. Simmons was fantastic to work with from the beginning! He made everything very easy to plan and was readily available to answer any questions we had during the planning process. He was very attentive and made sure all of our wants were addressed from the very beginning. He performed a beautiful ceremony that we will remember forever, and everything went off without a hitch! Thank you Rev. Simmons for making this process easy and less stressful and most of all making it unforgettable!”

Stephanie and David Shegogue

“We are so thankful for the professionalism and warmth that we received from Rev. Benjy from start to finish. We live out of town so we were unable to meet Rev. Benjy in advance but it made no difference, It was like he had known us forever. He and his wife were so friendly and sweet and made us feel like our vow renewal was just as special to them as it was to us! It was such a wonderfully blessed evening and we are very thankful for having Rev. Benjy perform our special ceremony and also took some of the most beautiful pictures we have ever had together as well!”

Steven & Vanessa Zampano

“My husband, John and I were married on Monday, June 25, 2012 at the Springmaide Pier at Myrtle Beach. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and flawless. Rev. Simmons made this so easy on us by helping us step by step. He was able to provide us locations on where to get our marriage license and the one that would be the closest. He allowed us to customize our wedding ceremony and vows. Benji also knew we were combining families. My husband had 3 boys and I have a little girl. He suggested a sand ceremony so it felt like the kids played a big part in the wedding too. They were very excited and afterwards were able to make their own unique keepsake from their vases they used in the sand ceremony. We also used the Simple Photography by his wife. She took absolutely amazing pictures. Both Benji and his wife made sure we had the best poses, shots with the Pier, ocean and some fun ones with the kids. We have had so many comments on how AMAZING our wedding pictures turned out. Rev Simmons went above and beyond with his customer service! There are not enough words to describe how thankful and grateful we are to have Rev Simmons help us with our special day! We would highly recommend him to anyone that wants to make their beach wedding special. We were truly blessed to have him perform our ceremony. Thank you Benji and your wife from the bottom of our hearts in making our day so special and one to remember forever!”

Shelley & John Vandersall

“Pastor Benji and his lovely wife Renee were an absolute blessing on our wedding day! They were completely professional. The ceremony was short and sweet which was exactly what we wanted. We had rain on our wedding day and they accomidated us by coming to our beach house and performing our ceremony on our screened in porch. Renee took our pictures and they are BEAUTIFUL! They gave us the memory card full of 295 pictures! Would totally recommend Simple Wedding Day to anyone looking for a destination wedding in the Myrtle Beach area. Thank you, Pastor Benji and Renee... you made our day so special and we will remember our wedding for the rest of our lives.”

Dayna and Brian Chandler

“Rev. and Mrs. Simmons made our special day a very romantic, love filled experience. We came home with a renewed commitment to one another and 168 beautiful pictures to remind us that love never fails! Thank you for an awesome day.”

Randy and Jen Riggs

“Rev. Simmons performed our simple ceremony on North Myrtle Beach and it was a resounding success. His kind, gentle manner made everyone feel comfortable during the ceremony and the picture session afterwards. The photographs turned out GREAT and will be a wonderful momento for a long time to come. We highly reccomend Rev. Simmons and his lovely wife to anyone looking for a truly loving and gracious experience with a wedding on the beach.”

David and Ann Kurth

“Rev. Simmons was the consumate professional, and very caring about our feelings. My wife and I were wed on June 26, 2012 in Myrtle Beach State Park. Rev. Simmons catered to our personal needs and relationship. He helped keep the ceremony quiet and made us very happy. We appreciate everything he did for us to help make this our special day. Thanks Rev. Simmons.”

Valentine Hernandez

“Want to thank Rev. Simmons and his wife for a very wonderful and special 10 Year Vow Renewal at Myrtle Beach State Park. June 29th, 2012. It was a surprise for my wife as she thought I would not ever renew our vows. She suspected she was going to the State Park for a photo shoot and Rev. Simmons and his wife helped with the surprise and made it perfect. It was definitely a day my family will cherish. The pictures were fantastic, still can not believe they are not professional. And our daughters loved taking part in the sand ceremony. Hope to see Rev. Simmons and his wife again in 5 or 10 years for another renewal.”

David and Christie Robbins

“Everything was perfect. I planned my wedding from 9 hours away and Rev. Benjy was wonderful. He answered all my questions and was very helpful, I couldn't have done it without him! He stayed in contact with me until the time of the wedding. It was very beautiful and he did exactly what we wanted on our special day. Thanks so much for making our day special. I would recommend Rev Benjy to anyone who is looking for something simple but very special.”

Joe and Cheryl Salinas

“Wonderful! Wonderful memories. All thanks goes to Rev Benjy Simmons! He made sure everything went perfect! the day was perfect and so are our pictures! We can't say thank you enough!”

Barb and Jeff Wacholz

“Did not know what to expect, except that we thought it would be just a simple thing... It was so much more than that. Yes. Simple... but warm, thoughtful and amazing. The beach was packed, but we felt like we were in our own world. Thank you Rev. Simmons and your daughter our photographer. The pics are fantastic! We will never forget May 10, 2012... "Our day!".”

Ron and Debbie Littig

“Rev. Benjy Simmons performed our wedding ceremony on May 12, 2012. It was absolutely perfect. He went above and beyond his duties to make sure that everything was like we wanted it. He added a little personal touch to our ceremony with beautiful words of wisdom. He was very nice, sincere, and professional. He was very prompt to return calls and respond to emails. We couldn't have gotten any body better to to perform our perfect ceremony. He is simply the best!”

Stacey & Terry Barbour

“My Husband and I decided to renew our vows in Myrtle Beach on 01/29/2012, seven years to the day we got married. We started planning this vacation/ vow renewal right after Christmas so that only gave us a month to plan. Rev. Simmons was the first person to get back to me about our special day. He stayed in constant contact with me and my husband. His price for the ceremony and simple photography was amazing and worth every penny. Rev. Simmons did a fantastic job on the ceremony and his wife took some of the most amazing photos. We have gotten so many compliments on how beautiful and fantastic the pictures are. I would definitely recommend Rev. Simmons, Simple Wedding Day, to anyone wanting to get married or renew their vows. Our day so was intimate and perfect I could not have asked for anything more. It was truly a day we will remember for a life time. I feel so blessed to have meet Rev. Simmons and his wife they are wonderful people who want your day to be everything you have ever dreamed of. Thank you both again for making our day a dream come true!”

Brent & Christina

“Planning a long-distance wedding can always be a challenge- but the easiest part of the process was when I found Rev. Benjy Simmons. I was trying to research some ministers in the area as we weren't members of any local churches we didn't really know anyone to turn to. I stumbled upon Rev. Benjy online and read his reviews and website. I liked what I saw, and emailed him asking pricing and availability. He was very prompt in answering and very detailed and friendly, and his pricing is extremely reasonable. We spoke on the phone several times and he also sent me examples of different types of ceremonies. Throughout the planning process we kept in close contact with emails and phone calls, and he would call just to see how everything was going, which was nice to have especially during those last few months. I was able to incorporate my own words within one of his ceremonies and it came out beautifully, he was very open to my suggestions and helped rework any parts, which truly made our ceremony personal. We had the opportunity to meet before the wedding and he was very friendly and accommodating and helped us through any last minute changes and modifications and he helped set our minds at ease.He was a lifesaver at the rehearsal and played wedding coordinator alongside me as we worked out the ceremony at the venue and got the wedding party prepped and ready. He was very professional and was truly a highlight of our ceremony on 11.11.11. He was interactive with guests and truly loves what he does, which is reflected in the beautiful ceremony he preformed for us. We both can't thank Rev. Benjy Simmons enough for all he did for us and for making our day that much more special. Thank You!”

Amber Joyner

“Rev. Simmons was wonderful. I feel very blessed that we found he and his wife to perform the ceremony and take pictures. The pictures were great, they both really knew about lighting and poses, and what makes for great wedding pictures. His words during the ceremony were fantastic and felt as though he was speaking what our hearts were feeling. He made my day just as I dreamed it would be!”

Janet and Steven Baker

“With less than 3 weeks to plan our wedding, I was concerned that I would have to "take what I could get" in terms of wedding officiants. Due to the time of year, and getting married on a Tuesday, it seemed like most everyone I contacted was available. I chose Rev. Simmons because he immediately put me at ease, answered all of my questions, and gave me helpful advice from the very first phone call. The day of our wedding (10/25/2011) went very smoothly. Rev. Simmons showed up on time and gave us exactly the ceremony we wanted (short & sweet). The sand ceremony he offers is also a super addition to the ceremony & provides a lovely keepsake. I recommend Rev. Simmons to anyone getting married in the Myrtle Beach area who desires an officiant who will be a calming influence, will treat your wishes with respect, and will be professional at all times. Thank you so much!”

Louise S. Winter

“Rev Benji was, to say the least, very professional, helpful and gracious in assisting us with our wedding preparations, which was done in a very short time. He had many helpful tips and advice for our beach wedding. His ceremony, although short, was sweet and meaningful, encompassing scripture to add depth. We were married 10-8-11 at sunset on the beach at the Apache campground in North Myrtle. It was a beautiful evening, and as special as we hoped it would be. We would recommend Rev. Benji to anyone planning their special day.”

Mark & Tanya Catan

“What else can I say that others haven't? Rev. Benjy is amazing. From the first phone call to the wedding day, he made us feel at ease, comfortable, and excited! His words were beautiful and I was sad to see him go after our ceremony. I feel blessed I found him for my wedding day.”

Lara Solensky

“Rev. Benjy Simmons did an amazing job! He understood exactly what it is we wanted. He made sure to stay in contact with me so that I knew exactly what to expect. He was there with helpful advice and tips whenever we needed it. I would most definitely recommend Benjy Simmons to everyone. It was perfect!”

Jennifer Wicker

“Chris and I were married on 9-10-11 on the beach at Sea Mist Oceanfront Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC. Rev. Benji Simmons was very helpful, professional and was available at any time we needed him for anything. He truly made our day "perfect!" We spoke numerous times on the phone as well as through emails. He provided any suggestions and/or ideas we may have forgotten or left out. In the beginning when we contacted Rev. Benji Simmons, he was unavailable and at that time we did not know what we were going to do because everyone was booked for that entire day. Rev. Simmons emailed us back and made it possible for us to get married on that date. He went above and beyond his call of duty to help us make our day special! His wife, Renee took our pictures and they were amazing! She did a fantastic job! We are so pleased with everything Rev. Simmons and his wife, Renee, has done for us! Thank you both for working so hard and patiently with us. It was a day that will always be remembered..and because of you... it is even more special to us! Thanks again!”

Chris and Melissa Pittman

“I was so lucky to have found Rev. Simmons to perform my daughter's wedding in Garden City. We are from North Carolina & had no idea who to contact until I started reading his reviews online & I knew I had found the right person. Very willing to make sure everything was exactly the way we wanted it & stayed in close contact with us up until the wedding. The ceremony was beautiful & we could not have been happier! Would highly recommend Rev. Simmons to anyone!”

Teresa Haywood

“I want to thank Rev. Benjy Simmons for making our wedding day a memorable and precious day. We were married on Sunset Beach NC. We wanted a very small and intimate ceremony and it was exactly what we hoped it would be. The weather was fantastic and it fulfilled Mary's dreams of a beach wedding. Thank you so much and the pics were perfect. Very well done and we were very pleased with Benjy's personable character and ceremony. What a blessing.”

Gary & Mary Hill

“Rev. Simmons was so nice & very prompt on replying to emails. Its very stressful planning a wedding from another state but Rev. Simmons was always reassuring me that everything would be perfect, we also chose to do the sand ceremony which was beautiful. Thank you Rev. Simmons for everything! Also great prices!”

John & Misty Thompson

“We were married at 3rd Ave. North on July 19, 2011. It was a perfect day, the weather was beautiful and the ocean backdrop amazing. From the minute I contacted Rev. Simmons, he went above and beyond to make me feel at ease. He stayed in contact throughout the entire process. The ceremony and his message was so relaxing and touching. Everyone has commented on what a wonderful ceremony it was. And the pictures... talk about patience! Rev. Simmons and his wife were AWESOME! The pictures are stunning! Many thanks to Rev. Simmons and his wife for making our day so special. We will forever be grateful for your time and service.”

Dan & Tammy Rogers

“Trying to plan a wedding on your own is stressful enough but Rev. Benji made is a lot easier. He made sure to stay in contact with me through phone and e-mail. I did make a few changes to the ceremonies to make them more us and he was more than willing to help. My wedding could not have been better. Rev. Benji was very professional and went way out of his way to make sure we had the wedding of our dreams. We got married on July 3, 2011. I even talked with Rev. Benji about the best time frame and it was perfect. My brother who got married there a year before was very impressed with Rev. Benji because his officiant did not compare.”

Carol Adams

“Rev. Simmons did a awesome job from the beginning to the end. We had some problems trying to find a hotel near the area and he gave us several names to help us out. We felt comfortable with him and we hadn't even met him yet! He always returned our calls promptly and my husband called a lot. His wife had taken pictures of the ceremony and they all turned out beautiful.”

Cary & Rikki Sayers

“Absolutely Perfect! Our wedding was amazing thanks to Rev. Benjy & we wouldn't change a thing simple, sweet & beautiful everything we wanted.”

Beth & Bill Patterson

“We decided to get married at the end of May and wanted the ceremony to be during a family vacation less than 3 weeks away. I found Benjy online and his quick response was key for me. When he left me a message, I knew that he was going to marry me. Being from Pittsburgh, PA we weren't sure on what we had to do. Benjy help navigate me through the paperwork and made suggestions to help with our big day. We were very excited that he was appreciative of our "laid back" atmosphere, we knew we wanted to get married in the sand, in the morning, without shoes. He met us at North Litchfield beach at 9am on June 21 and within the hour, I was a Mrs! Being that it was the summer solstice it was only ironic that it was one of the hottest mornings and without wind on the beach. Benjy's comments were thoughtful and meaningful. He fit well within our group and you could see that it was his joy to marry us. It was really our pleasure and honor to have him be apart of our big day. I highly recommend Benjy to officiate your ceremony, you will not be disappointed! Thank you!”

Casey and Jessica Noderer

“Was very helpful in planning and tailored a ceremony to fit our needs perfectly. With the unexpectedness of planning a wedding, let alone an out of state one, Rev Simmons put ease in our minds in regards to ceremony and was willing to help out with anything else we needed in regards to our big day. Thank you Rev. Simmons for helping us make our special day spectacular!”

Keith and Angela

“Me & my husband were married on Saturday, May 14, 2011 out on the beach. Rev. Simmons performed an awesome ceremony with much love and compassion from his heart. It was my dream wedding and the day was more than perfect. It was such an honor having Rev. Simmons and his wife share such a special time with us. It was a simple but very special ceremony. Rev. Simmons is a man of God and takes compassion in what he does. It meant so much to the two of us and will be something that we will remember for as long as we shall live. Thank you again Rev. Simmons for what you did for us. God bless you both and may you continue to bless others the way you did us.”

Diana Anderson Baker

“Rev. Benji was great. He had everything exactly how we wanted it for our Vow renewal ceremony. He was very good with our four year old daughter and involved her in our ceremony. We included the sand ceremony and also had them take pictures. Everything was great and the pictures were beautiful. We would recommend Rev. Benji to everyone.”

Kim and Richard Ziemkowski

“Rev. Benjy made our ceremony wonderful. The perfect setting, the perfect words! We felt completely comfortable and relaxed with his planning and all the way up to the kiss. Our wedding was actually on Hilton Head Island, SC. He and his wife made the trip south to join us the evening before. I was extremely delighted to have them there for the rehearsal dinner. It was an enormous help! Everything he said and did, he meant. Our wedding was wonderful and we are still receiving compliments on what an awesome job Rev. Benjy did. Thanks again for everything Rev. Benjy!”

Andrea & Jordan Gwinn

“Absolutely wonderful! From his easy to work with demeanor and style to his sincere thoughtfulness and genuine care, Rev Simmons made this a day I will never forget. Highly recommended.”

Jeremy and Cathy Bibbee

“My husband and I were married on 3/26/11 on the sea side lawn at The Breakers Resort. Rev. Simmons did a great job! He was flexible with the times I needed him and he is very experienced so he could give me great advice when I needed it. I never had a problem getting in touch with him. He made sure everyone knew what to do and where to be. His prices are fare and he really does care about the couples he works with. He had no problem customizing the ceremony wording and he kept the mood light and happy. Everything went very smoothly. It was one of the best days of my life. Thank you Rev. Benjy Simmons!”

Mike & Ashley Bushman

“Rev. Benjy Simmons married my fiance and I on 3/19/2011. From the first conversation that I had with him I knew he was the one that I wanted to conduct our wedding. We were married at St. Johns Inn in Myrtle Beach. He was very helpful in helping us plan the perfect wedding from the additions we made to the words and helping us add my son into ceremony. Everyone that attended the wedding was very happy with the ceremony and how he incorporated everything we wanted. We would highly recommend his services to anyone and everyone that is looking to get married in Myrtle Beach. He has several ceremonies to choose from and he will also help you ensure that your day goes as planned. I did not have a wedding coordinator, but with Rev. Benjy's help we did not need one. We will cherish our wedding and our new beginning as a family for every.”

Justin & Christina Taylor

“Benjy was wonderful! He was instrumental in coordinating everything for us. He stayed in regular contact and always did exactly as he promised. Additionally, he was flexible and easy going which made things nice! If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely use his services again... everything was 100% perfect!”

Kirsten Hayes

“Rev. Benjy Simmons was fabulous! Our wedding day at N. Beach Plantation, N. Myrtle Beach, SC couldn't of been scripted any better. The ceremony was beautiful and very personable. His wife took wonderful photographs which were available directly to us via memory card. We strongly recommend his services to everyone. Our beach wedding will be cherished as we begin our life long journey together forever.”

Robert and Beverly Abbott

“Rev Benjy Simmons made our wedding ceremony absolutely beautiful! I had chosen him to preform our ceremony a couple months in advance. After speaking with him, I knew God had led me to the right person! Rev Benjy called me several times to make sure I had no questions or concerns. He was VERY helpful, and his words were beautiful at our ceremony. His wife Renee took beautiful pics of our ceremony from a balcony, getting an angle that our other photographers couldn't capture! They are a wonderful addition to our wedding pics! I feel VERY blessed to have met Rev Benjy.. he made our wedding day very special. Thank you so much!”

Sam & Elizabeth Martinez

“Rev. Benji Simmons preformed our simple beach wedding on 10-02-10. He was exactly what we were looking for. I had called several others but they were too expensive and very commercial. From the first time I spoke with Rev. Simmons (which happened to be at 10 at night... sorry, thought I'd be leaving a message) I knew this was the man that God was leading us too. We met a few days later to discuss what my husband and I wanted in our wedding. We had a sand ceremony and wrote our own vows. Rev. Simmons was perfectly fine with that and come the wedding day, he read our vows and we repeated after him. He assisted us in every way possible. Thank you so much for making our wedding day exactly what we always dreamed it would be... A beautiful beach wedding, joining us and our family of 5 children together.”

Mike and Jen Hill

“We found Rev. Benjy online. While we were a little nervous at first, he was absolutely fantastic. He went out of his way to make us feel comfortable and found time to meet with my mother and us prior to the ceremony. He went to great effort to make our day very special and could not be a nicer individual. We will always remember all he did for us and hold a special place in our hearts for him. Thank you Pastor Benjy for our special day!”

Todd & Shannon Holt

“I was very nervous at first to find the right officiant for our wedding but after speaking with Rev. Simmons I knew I had found the perfect one. He is so down to earth, easy to talk with and extremely helpful. You can tell that he enjoys what he does. The ceremony reading could not have been any better. He delivers it in such a natural way, making you feel so special instead of feeling like it is read from a script. My guests can not keep talking about how wonderful he was. He added so much to our already special day. I would highly recommend him to anyone heading to Myrtle Beach or vicinity for their wedding. You will not be disappointed!”

Stacy Anders

“We renewed our wedding vows at the Springmaid location. Pastor Benjy was amazing! He was such a inspiration to us both. We were very lucky to find him, and I would recommend him to anyone!”

Rachel and Sean

“Well the search for a pastor began when my fiance and I decided that we might as well go ahead and just get married while we were at Myrtle Beach. It was only three weeks away that we were headed down to SC from Va and needed to find someone quick. I found Rev. Benjy online and was a little nervous to commit to having him perform our wedding ceremony because I didn't trust the fact that I found him online. After I talked to him I realized he was a genuinely nice man willing to help my fiance and I at the time. He told me about different locations we could have the ceremony and helped us pick one that was close to where we were staying. Rev. Benjy kept in contact with us up until the day of the ceremony. We were married September 25, 2010 at six o'clock at 3rd Ave N Surfside Beach. Our wedding was absolutely perfect in every way. We chose to have the sand ceremony which was really neat and a very special part. We would suggest Rev. Benjy to anyone that is looking for someone that is very kind, down to earth, and willing to help in anyway possible. He also brought his wife that was very sweet as well. I will always remember this day and how wonderful it was.”

Tommy and Linda Wilkerson

“Tyler and I were married at the Holiday Cottage at Brookgreen Gardens in Litchfield Beach, SC on September 5, 2010. When we were looking for our officiant, we left our information on a site that would help us find what we were looking for. Reverend Simmons was the first one to respond and after talking to him on the phone, we knew we needed to search no longer. It had turned out that he and Tyler had crossed paths years before at a spiritual retreat. We knew immediately that God had a hand in finding him. He helped make the ceremony exactly how we had wanted it, simple, elegant and very spiritual. When we asked about possibly adding a Scottish handfasting, to add a touch of our Scottish heritage, he did his research and it turned out absolutely beautiful! We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day and it was all thanks to Rev. Simmons.”

Suzy and Tyler Shepherd

“I must admit I was a bit scared to try and find a minister or a notary for my wedding online. But, from the first conversation, I knew that Rev. Benjy was perfect. He help make our day so special and unforgettable. He also went out the way to make sure everything was set up at the ceremony to please me. I felt that without even knowing us he organized the ceremony to fit us. We were married September 18th, 2010 at five o\'clock at Ocean Lakes Campground in Myrtle Beach, SC. Our Wedding day was far from perfect, but it is a day that I will never forget. It was so special, beautiful, and IMPERFECTLY PERFECT!”

Heather & James Womack

“My husband Jeremy & I were married on 9/9/10 right on the shore at Waters Edge Resort, Garden City, SC. Rev. Benjy Simmons truly made our day complete along with his wife Renee,who photographed our ceremony..Every picture turned out AMAZING!!! We are so blessed to have found Rev.Simmons. Trust me, If you are at all hesitant about finding the right Rev. to perform your ceremony, Look no further, you have found him. You will not be disappointed. I am def. referring him to friends and family.I would love to thank you Rev.Simmons for making our day that much more special and perfect. I could not have dreamed of a more perfect wedding! You were SO helpful in every way! Thank You!”

Tasha & Jeremy Raines

“Pastor Benji did a spectacular job with our simple wedding. I called Pastor Benji on Sunday June 27th and he told me how to obtain our marriage certificate. We were married two days later on June 29th, 2010. Our wedding was very simple and relaxing. We were right on the beach of our hotel with our four kids present. We are both very thankful for his spiritual blessing on our beautiful wedding day. Thank you Pastor Benji for our amazing ceremony.”

Marcy and Les Robison

“Pastor Benji did a wonderful job with our wedding, it was simple yet elegant. He was able to keep the moments relaxed without belittling the the occasion. Our wedding was moved last minute to Myrtle Beach and Pastor Benji jumped in and helped with photography and dinner plans. We all felt very comfortable with him and recommend his services wholeheartedly. Thank you Pastor Benji for a beautiful wedding!”

Ray and Angie Sharp

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“Excited about this weekend. Four weddings for the weekend. I love what I do and seeing so many happy people sharing commitment forever.”

“Thank you to all Bride and Grooms for a great 2013 year. Just completed the 378th wedding/renewal ceremony for the year. I am looking forward to year 2014. Booking weddings now for 2014 and 2015.”

“One of the great affirmations about choosing a resort wedding that is; a simple wedding ceremony on the beach, at your resort, a public park or any designated setting is, the space is natural and it is free. Myrtle beach,S.C. provides so many romantic places to be married. It is so much less stressful and cost effective than the traditional wedding. Simple Wedding Day of Myrtle Beach can provide a simple romantic ceremony for the couple seeking to unite two hearts as one.”

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