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Kimberly's Blessings

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Roselle Park, NJ

(908) 447-9456

Updated 18 hours ago

Kimberly's Blessings

  (62 reviews)

Top Reviewed

Roselle Park, NJ

(908) 447-9456

Updated 18 hours ago

AFFORDABLE Wedding Officiants. Revs Kimberly and Richard specialize in sharing Your Love Story via Unique, Customized ceremonies. Serving Diverse faiths, Religious or Secular. Also BI-LINGUAL Ceremonies. You may be seeking a Traditional Ceremony, Quick Elopement. OR, something that is One-of-A-Kind. We have Celebrated More than 1000 Happy Marriages. SAME DAY and LAST MINUTE ELOPEMENTS -- Available as well. If you can Dream it we can DO it! Contact us, we are here to help.

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“Reverend Richard and Kimberly officiated and photographed our wedding. They were on time, organized and detail oriented. We loved how they interviewed each of us, taking time to learn details to make our ceremony so beautiful and personal. From start to finish they understood what we wanted and made our experience wonderful! We highly recommend Reverend Richard and Kimberly for your special day. Thank you again, Reverend Kimberly and Richard, for being part of our story.”

Mary & Neal Cancellieri

“Kimberly’s Blessings is truly a blessing! After going through several elopement sites we had a strong urge to go with them and we don’t regret any part of that decision. Rev. Richard was so attentive to our needs from the start to the end, he proactively helped us secure the perfect background for our ceremony. I cannot thank him enough. Overall our experience with the team was excellent, 10/10 will highly recommend!! Such a thoughtful group of people.”

Chrissie and Kay

“Nuestra boda fue muy emotiva y al mismo tiempo bien planeada. Kimberly's Blessings hizo q todo fuera mas facil y menos tenso y al mismo tiempo divertido. Fueron muy buenos y acertados en como oficiaron por que nosotros no dimos los votos, ellos nos guiaron en que decir y cuando, fueron muy puntuales, en general todo excelente.”

Fernando Arredondo

“Kimberly's Blessings provided an awesome job as our wedding officiant. They walked us through the ceremony right before it started which gave us a little tranquility before the big event. They were able to perform the ceremony in Spanish which was a big plus. They were extremely professional and made the wedding day feel extraordinary!”


“It was great to have Reverend Richard blessing one of the best day's of our life, our wedding day. Since the first day I contacted him, he took care of every detail, listening to our history, to make sure we really had a special wedding ceremony. I really appreciated how he talked to my wife, so she didn't feel so nervous. He is also a really funny person. Thanks for the jalapeños...”

Enrique Garcia

“La mejor decisión de mi vida, desde que nos comunicamos con ellos sabiamos que era la decisión correcta. Gracias por hacer nuestra ceremonia unica y especial nos reimos lloramos y gozamos ustedes nos hicieron especiales ese dia con una ceremonia unica y especial.”

Alicia Torres

“We are so grateful to Reverends Richard and Kimberly for marrying us. It was wonderful to have an officiant with such experience and good humor. They put together a very thoughtful ceremony for us, adapted to our circumstances and personalities, were kind and patient, relaxed and efficient. It made our lives much easier to have an officiant and photographer in one package and the photographs are beautiful. We appreciate their time, expertise and experience and are so glad we found them!”

Katy & Josh

“Amazing ceremony! We're so happy! Kimberly and Richard were fantastic at our wedding, our ceremony was perfect. Reverend Richard did a great job collecting all the information they needed to create a one of a kind ceremony tailored to us and our lives. Kimberly did a wonderful job getting all that information expressed in such a short time.”

Amanda Wilkinson

“Rev. Kimberly did a wonderful job as our officiant. She included all of the elements we wanted in our ceremony. The wording she put together was amazing. She customized the ceremony to be so special to our story! The whole process right from the beginning was easy. She eased my mind and I had no more concerns. Her husband did our pictures and he was awesome and patient. They were a fantastic team!”

Shanna Pellegrino

“Kimberly's Blessings is truly a blessing! Reverend Richard and Kimberly were so attentive to our wants and needs. They wanted to make sure every detail was a part of our vow renewal ceremony! It was so meticulously put together. My kids were included in such a sweet way as well. We couldn't be happier! Thank you Reverend Richard and Kimberly for your attention to detail and your gracious demeanor! You treated our ceremony as if it were your own! You are highly recommend from us!”

Melanie and Beth

“So happy we hired Richard and Kimberly to officiate and photograph our wedding. They were a pleasure to work with and even were accommodating to our outdoor ceremony even in not the best of weather. They really care about your day and your wishes. Choose them if you are wanting attention to detail and professionalism.”

Kelley Bell

“Had the absolute best experience. They were so kind and really captured who we are as a couple. Also very patient with our babies and taught them how to work the camera which they were very interested in. Would definitely recommend!”

D. Corr

“Honestly he was well prepared and made our day filled with fun, joy and he even brought us some gifts from his farm. Thanks for doing this job. You are good at it.”

Olalekan Williams

“We can't promote Kimberley's blessings enough! They were a key aspect of making our happiest day perfect for us. Everything we needed and more!”

Carrie Bragg

“Kimberly's Blessings is really a blessing to many families. I enjoyed the baptism ceremony for my baby daughter, which went off without a hitch. Everyone who needed to be there was present. Kimberly also took really nice pictures of the baby's birthday celebration. We had Father's Day, birthday and the baptism ceremony wrapped up in one day. JUST BEAUTIFUL! Thank you to your husband and you, Kimberly, for making our day!”

Antoinette Livingston Keye

“My wife & I were so glad to have come across the Kimberly’s Blessing page. They were so helpful during this hard time of covid. My wife was also fashionably late, LOL, but Rev. Richard didn’t mind it one bit. He took great understanding into the situation and was so funny and really immersed himself into our family and wedding. Once again, thank you so much for making our wedding a day to remember.”

Christian Agramonte

“Rev. Richard & Rev. Kimberly were wonderful. We spent a couple of hours speaking w/ them about what the ceremony would entail. Rev. Richard wanted to know how we met & really wanted to dig in about why we felt the way we did about each other. He took the time to get to know us & personalize the ceremony. He took made the ceremony absolutely beautiful. He included all of the things that he learned about us when we spoke. We would definitely recommend them.”

Tara Doyle

“Reverend Richard & Reverend Kimberly were wonderful. We spent a couple of hours speaking with them about what the ceremony would entail. Reverend Richard wanted to know how we met, about our families & wanted to dig in about why we felt the way we did about each other. He took the time to get to know us & personalize the ceremony. It was a cold day & had snowed the day before. He took his his time, didn’t rush & made the ceremony beautiful!”

Tara Pillari

“During the Covid-19 pandemic we thought that there was a slim chance of us having a wedding. I came across Kimberly's Blessings and they called us and the experience felt like they were really trying to get to know us as a couple and shared memories with them as if they were family. The day of the wedding went as perfect as we could imagine and they delivered an excellent service.”


“Reverend Richard and Reverend Kimberly were there through every step of our wedding process. Even before we chose an officiant they were very helpful with questions and concerns I had regarding our wedding. We had requested that they include our daughter in the ceremony and they gladly took all of our ideas and thoughts into creating a beautiful customized ceremony.”

Valerie Vallone

“From the very first phone call, we could tell Richard was reliable and would be a great fit for us. He was easy to talk to and easy to work with about what we wanted in our ceremony. He put both our minds at ease through the whole process. On the day of the ceremony, he arrived on time and made everyone feel comfortable. Richard is a caring officiant and was great to work with. You will be in good hands if you choose him for your wedding. He made it a very special day! Highly recommended!”

Ines Zahran

“They were amazing! They were helpful and patient with us (even though we were all running around with last minute things). My maid of honor got sick a few days before the wedding, and they were able to adjust the plans last minute. The ceremony was customized to us, and we really enjoyed how beautiful and personal it was. From start to finish it was amazing.”

Amanda Reed

“Me gusto el servicio de Kimberl'y Blessings y Reverendo Richard. Fue una buena experiencia, fueron muy amables y tomaron su tiempo con tomando las fotos en el día de mi boda. Gracias!”

Martha Santos

“Reverend Richard and Kimberly officiated and photographed our wedding. They were on time, organized and detail oriented. Our ceremony was conducted with such grace and beauty. Our guests were so impressed and absolutely enjoyed the service. From start to finish the experience was was professional and without issues. I highly recommend Reverend Richard and Kimberly for your special day. Thank you again Reverend Richard and Kimberly for making our day very special.”

Alessandro DeMoraes

“I can't stress enough how truly remarkable, professional, and kind Rev. Richard was. To start, our initial officiant canceled on us the night before we were expected to marry. So, my husband and I spent the entire evening in distress, searching for someone to marry us. Rev. Richard responded promptly and his rates are incredibly reasonable. If you want to get married and need an excellent officiant that will not disappoint, then do not hesitate to hire them.”

Samantha W.

“From the initial phone chat to the wedding, Rev. Richard was engaged and communicative. He found a mistake when reviewing our marriage license and promptly contacted us, allowing us to get it revised by the local registrar's office in time for the ceremony. We appreciate his diligence and attention to detail. I would definitely recommend Rev. Richard to anyone looking for an officiant's services.”

Bruce Prugh

“Kimberly surprised me with a quote from "Beauty and the Beast", which was lovely, and fit our theme perfectly.”

Brandy Beeman

“Thank you, Kimberly and Richard. They made my wedding so special. You guys were amazing. My wife and I loved everything.”

Diomar Villarroel

“I'm glad we chose Kimberly's Blessings. They were very helpful from the beginning. They answered all our questions and helped us in every way. The ceremony was very lovely, even better than I imagined. They listened and did their best for us to have our dream wedding. They were helpful in tracking our marriage license with the registrar. We were happy because we had to bring it to the Embassy as well within a certain time period, and they helped us feel more comfortable, and assisted us.”


“Kimberly's Blessing help us to make our wedding day very unique. They are very professional and responded to all our questions to our satisfaction. They called the marriage license jurisdiction and keep us up to date with the process. We highly recommend Kimberly's Blessings for your wedding day.”

Johnny Fortiz

“My husband and I decided on eloping as a marriage option after we had to cancel our wedding in Las Vegas due to Coronavirus. We searched for officiants and my husband found Kimberlys Blessing. What a great find! Reverend Richard was truly a blessing! He made our very tiny, informal elopement, a truly special and memorable moment. Our “special day” was truly beautiful and beyond anything we could have imagined. Thank you Reverend Richard / Kimberlys Blessings!”

Jennifer Vincent

“She did an excellent job.”

Mathurine Pierre

“The officiant was professional and he was responsive throughout his drive to the marriage place. He was very patient and accommodating. He provided gloves and masks which was a nice gesture.”

Lauren Daniels

“Got to know us personally, made our day very special. Made my husband and I feel comfortable and ready for our big day. We loved their style, made us laugh and cry with joy. Great experience!”

Felicia Mendez

“Kimberly's Blessing made my wedding an absolute joy. I want to thank Reverend Richard specifically for helping us create an unforgettable memory. In these scary times of Covid-19, he made us feel exceptionally safe and was very professional. I would absolutely recommend this vendor to anyone thinking about getting married. Very thankful to have chosen correctly myself!”

Miguel S Burneo

“Kimberly's Blessings was amazing. They were very polite, on time, and caring. They were very professional as well as accommodating to our needs and the current circumstances. They were a pleasure to work with and communicate with. They were very helpful during the entire process. I would recommend in a heartbeat! Amazing people!”

Tracy Meurer

“Kimberly's Blessings made it a perfect day. Thanks, Ricardo, for helping us put this together in such a difficult time. Great memories.”

David Tapia

“Reverends Richard and Kimberly were excellent. They went above and beyond to make our special day memorable. They walk us through the rehearsal ceremony, answered all our questions and very patiently took the time to fulfill our requests and music of our choosing. They are very sweet and an important part of the successful start of this new chapter in our lives.”

Marlene Pruneda

“Padre Ricardo was awesome! He made us comfortable. I contacted them and they responded back quickly and were able to marry us the same day in Philly. Even though it was last minute it was very special.”

Nancy Cienfuegos

“Reverend Richard was an absolute delight! He made the ceremony very comfortable and easy going.”

Tyra Landis

“Reverend Richard performed our wedding ceremony. I couldn’t be more thankful. He was so sweet and certainly made us brides very happy on our day. Reverend Richard is very considerate and personalized our wedding just how we wanted. He traveled a decent distance for us. I recommend Kimberly's Blessings 100%.”

Amber Lynn

“We had such a wonderful ceremony. Everything was perfect even under such odd and last minute circumstances! Thank you guys for all your help!”

Kylie Ganter

“Was perfect! Highly recommend this company! Our minister was so friendly, and positive! He did everything in his power to make sure we were comfortable! I also loved that he allowed us to add so many different things into our ceremony! We had traditional vows, crowning of the bride and groom, sand pouring, a slow dance, cake cutting it goes on and on. He took pictures and videos! Please don’t turn this company down they truly give you everything!”

Danielle Stout

“We wanted a small, personal ceremony. We called many officiants and when we found Kimberly’s Blessing everything fell into place. They spent time getting to know us and created a ceremony for us. It was personalized and reflected on our relationship. It was absolutely perfect.”

Rebecca Shaw

“Kimberly performed both of our sons Baptism ceremony at our home on 2 separate occasions. They were punctual and professional, reaching out to discuss how we wanted to tailor the experience as well as making suggestions when we weren't sure what we wanted or needed. Both ceremonies were beautifully done and highly personalized to us and our babies The ceremonial aspects were so sweet and meaningful, even building in a role for the Godparents and Grandparents. Thank you Kimberly and Richard!”

Alecia Thompson-Branch

“We had Kimberly as our officiant and she was great and walked us through the ceremony. She answered all our questions and was patient when we cut it close to our start time. The ceremony was beautiful and exactly what we wanted.”

Kristina Lee

“Reverend Richard was great. No problems whatsoever. He was very nice and incorporated some elements from my home country into the ceremony so it was special. Also the ceremony text was customized with our own experiences, so again very nice touch. No complaints, would definitely recommend. Overall a great experience.”

Miroslav Farina

“Kim and Richard officiated my wedding and my daughter's blessing. The services she wrote for both events were personalized to fit our liking and beliefs as well as being beautifully written.”

Cassandra Cashman

“Great experience from start to finish. They were very thorough in getting to know us as a couple and what was important to us for our wedding. Weather was terrible and she braved it and was there with us to make sure we had an amazing wedding. Highly recommend!”

Jesse Simons

“Me and my now husband planned our wedding but didn't have a officiant. 3 days before the wedding I came online and was greeted with the very nice reviews on "Kimberly blessings" I didn't hesitate to book her and get in contact with her. I loved everything about my wedding day. The ceremony was beautiful and she was there on time and she worked around every small mishaps that I had. I'm still in awe and a bit shocked that it happened. Thank you and your team so very much, Rev. Kimberly.”

Janice Wood

“Richard made the whole process a great experience. He was extra early and very helpful with our late guests. We wanted something small, quick and unforgettable and that’s exactly what we got. Thank you so much for my second chance.”

Noemi V

“Kimberly was extremely friendly and attentive to all my needs and questions. She showed up early and made sure we clearly understood what we needed to do. Beautiful custom ceremony!”

Erin and James

“Very heart warming and accommodating. Me and my husband are very happy with how the ceremony went. Highly recommended.”

Janice Wood

“Reverend Kimberly really loves what she does and it shows. Our ceremony was so beautiful and personal. She takes the time to get to know both the bride and groom. I couldn't imagine anyone else marrying us! If I could give her 100 stars I would.”

Danielle Diiorio

“It was such a pleasure to work with Reverend Richard and Kimberly. Their professionalism, and attention to detail was wonderful. When they contacted us they had great suggestions to make our ceremony perfect. They arrived 45 minutes early and calmed our nerves by going over our vows and the little details of the ceremony. We would definitely recommend Kimberly's Blessings. Thank you for making our day so special!”

Pamela Burton

“My fiance and I were looking for a minister to marry us and were overwhelmed. We contacted Kimberly and Richard. They were awesome. Gave us a wedding that fit us. Included some funny stories. We were very happy. Highly recommend.”

Steve N

“Reverand Richard was very helpful in getting our wedding to be what we desired. He helped us make our wedding very special and did a great job listening to us and adjusting to our wants and needs in our wedding. He prepared a beautiful speech about us and made our day special for our families and friends. We are so grateful that we booked Reverend Richard in such short notice. He definitely made our day special. Thank you!”

Maritza and David

“Our 1 year anniversary is coming up and we were very pleased with Kimberly and her service. She was amazing and made everything so much easier. Thank you, Kimberly. We appreciate you. God bless!”

Ashley Clark

“Greetings from Germany! It's been 2 amazing years since we got married and it was so memorable because of Kimberly. Every time I get to watch back our videos I still cry with such happiness. She really did a wonderful job executing a very heartfelt ceremony. She is just amazing! She can customize the ceremony for you as you wish or per tradition. She's just amazing -- and very affordable too. Hope you all find some time to get to know Kimberly. She’s the best!”

Agnes and Gerry Döhring

“Richard was terrific. We had a quirky ceremony and he rolled with it.”

Maggie and Robin

“When my bride and I contacted Kimberly's Blessings, we spoke to Reverend Rich and had a very pleasant conversation about how we met & how we got where we are now. The ceremony they wrote for us was heart warming, touching and seemed like they had known us for years. We could not be happier with Kimberly’s Blessings and would highly recommend them.”

Walt White

“Very reasonable, accommodating, pleasant and professional. Thank you!”

Michele Kendter

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Jersey City, NJ

Akwasi & Felicia
Warwick, NY

Wedley & Andre
Brooklyn, NY

Breanne & Skyler
Lititz, PA

Barron & Marty
Sunnyside, NY

Jasadie & Sarah
Allentown, PA

Christine & Kyle
East Stroudsburg, PA

Ananda & Keenan
Brigantine, NJ

Lee Ann & Scott
Thorofare, NJ

Astri & Diogenes
Bronx, NY

Matina & Vladimir
Astoria, NY

Natalia & Juan
Mattituck, NY

Kaila & Devon
Wilmington, DE

Kristine & Konstantin
Brooklyn, NY

Kleber & Claire
Woodside, NY

Widanyelin & Cordero
Brooklyn, NY

Jessica & Uriel
Hightstown, NJ

Aaron & Davina
Brooklyn, NY

Mihaela & Kyle
Avalon, NJ

Guadalupe & Cris
Bronx, NY

Carmen & Curtis
New Rochelle, NY

Kelly & Andrew
Honesdale, PA

Brooke & Shane
Pottstown, PA

Samantha & John
Tuckerton, NJ

Nicole & Dan
Clark, NJ

Jeanne & Howard
Beach Haven, NJ

Sean & Jenna
Hudson, NY

Sharneen & Quazel
Staten Island, NY

Angela & Rodrigo
Kew Gardens, NY

William & Kristen
Manheim, PA

Amy & Carlos
Asbury Park, NJ

Millicent & Jonathan
Brooklyn, NY

Ajazena & Lammont
Lodi, NJ

Denise & Mark
Glendora, NJ

Purcell & Paula
Holbrook, NY

Louis & Chelsea
Cutchogue, NY

Shayna & Sean
Philadelphia, PA

Christopher & Quinntiara
Brooklyn, NY

Samantha & Dana
Baldwin, NY

Miranda & Billie
Carmel, NY

Martin & Corey
New York, NY

Jenn & Anderson
Queens Village, NY

Heaven & Christian
Afton, NY

Nyasia & Oden
Brooklyn, NY

Danielle & Anthony
Vineland, NJ

Gerard & Cheryl
Toms River, NJ

Andrea & Khayri
Queens Village, NY

Anthony & Cynthia
Asbury Park, NJ

Helen & Brandy
Moosic, PA

Johann & Ayako
New York, NY

Yelena & Michael
Brooklyn, NY

Sandra & Jerry
Brooklyn, NY

Willizabeth & Michelle
Moonachie, NJ

Stacy & Alex
Brooklyn, NY

Rene & Barry
Allentown, PA

Evans & Lakeisha
Bronx, NY

Kenneth & Sandy
Newtown Square, PA

Michele & Greg
Brooklyn, NY

Morgan & Harmukh
Elgin, IL

Amber & Amber
Flushing, NY

Matt & Kabus
New York, NY

Angel & Anthony
Thompson, PA

Valery & Fernando
Newark, NJ

Lisa & Court
Orange, NJ

Anna-nicole & Christopher
Iselin, NJ

Leigh & Vinn
Monroeville, NJ

Alexis & Daniel
Monroe, CT

Christa & Ian
Tamaqua, PA

Vanessa & Rene
Jersey City, NJ

Carlos & Raymunda
Philadelphia, PA

Marissa & Robert
Seaside Heights, NJ

Stephanie & Vincent
Huntingdon Valley, PA

Loaner & Nanie
Philadelphia, PA

Jonathan & Nina
Huntington, NY

Muriel & Inchan
Lebanon, PA

Edwin & Brittney
Philadelphia, PA

Melissa & Daniel
Bangor, PA

Carlos & Kristina
Union, NJ

Jose & Alejandro
Philadelphia, PA

Patricia & John
Netcong, NJ

Denise & Kevin
Hamburg, NJ

Michelle & Samuel
Stanfordville, NY

Cassandra & Bo
West Chester, PA

Leena & Cameron
Philadelphia, PA

Sabrina & Sania
Philadelphia, PA

Jacqueline & Evan
Bristol, PA

Kate & Kyle
Jim Thorpe, PA

John & Antonella
Keyport, NJ

Melody & Cesar
Wyoming, PA

Taisha & Samson
Brooklyn, NY

Lauren & Bill
Denville, NJ

Nayari & Trevor
Bayonne, NJ

Stephen & Pepa
New York, NY

Kimberly & Jack
Bensalem, PA

Johnathon & Katelyn
Nicholson, PA

Kylie & Amber
Schwenksville, PA

Charles & Hong
New York, NY

Melissa & John
Bronx, NY

Hakey & Kevin
Prospect, CT

Kristina & Michael
Lancaster, PA

Heather & Jeremy
Coopersburg, PA

Hepsey & Maury
Phoenixville, PA

Lindsay & Axel
New Paltz, NY

Laura & Mariana
Brooklyn, NY

Jason & Jose
Bronx, NY

Lydia & Robert
Lumberville, PA

Gilberto & Glenda
East Northport, NY

Amit & Kristina
Titusville, NJ

Francesca & John
Ridley Park, PA

Delsa & Michael
Manheim, PA

Abby & Drake
Brigantine, NJ

Samantha & Gage
Mauricetown, NJ

Shannon & Jonathan
Hawley, PA

Jonathan & Marianna
Brooklyn, NY

Meghan & Tyler
Trenton, NJ

Les & Nathalia
Scotch Plains, NJ

Rosemary & Tom
Madison, NJ

Yam & Javier
Allentown, PA

Darlene & Jose
Cold Spring, NY

Phillip & Miracarla
Philadelphia, PA

Danielle & Nick
Beach Haven, NJ

Barb & Jeff
Woodstock, NY

Akira & Kaneeayl
Reading, PA

Thitakan & Paul
Cherry Hill, NJ

Francesco & Susan
Hazlet, NJ

Gabriela & Mateusz
Brooklyn, NY

Kaylea & Ed
Willow Street, PA

Michael & Kathleen
Elmer, NJ

Penny & Alex
Wagontown, PA

Lisa & Lloyd
Carbondale, PA

Cindy & David
Whitehall, PA

Renee & Joe
Cream Ridge, NJ

Tanvir & Hasan
Ronkonkoma, NY

Brenda & Cesar
Lancaster, PA

Christa & Marc
Sicklerville, NJ

Victoria & Dustin
Tuckerton, NJ

Nanette & David
Strasburg, PA

Liliya & Igor
Manheim, PA

Katelyn & Kevin
Woodbine, NJ

John & Nicola
White Plains, NY

Alexis & Raymond
Holtwood, PA

Kayla & Joe
New York, NY

Angy & Ricardo
East Elmhurst, NY

Stephen & Yen
New York, NY

Derrick & Lauren
Royersford, PA

Jessica & Jonathon
Bethlehem, PA

Charles & Lisa
Nyack, NY

Taylor & Abraham
Pottstown, PA

Steven & Casey
Westport, CT

Alicia & Eliezer
Bridgeport, CT

Geneva & Corey
Wilkes Barre, PA

Melissa & Andrew
Berlin, NJ

Michelle & Michael
West Chester, PA

Vanessa & D.G.
Philadelphia, PA

Elizabeth & Jackeline
Cliffside Park, NJ

Amanda & Dillon
Levittown, PA

Julie & Ari
Brooklyn, NY

Destiny & Eugene
Beachwood, NJ

Gina & Axel
Patchogue, NY

Jackie & Thomas
Catskill, NY

Charlotte & Caleb
Lancaster, PA

Mike & Carol
Hawley, PA

Tatiana & Jacob
Union City, NJ

Christina & Reynaldo
Philadelphia, PA

Michelle & Tomas
Hawley, PA

Eric & Heather
Moscow, PA

Tari & David
Whitestone, NY

Nicole & Bryan
Brooklyn, NY

Judy & Art
Williamstown, NJ

Shalena & Ainsley
Astoria, NY

Patricia & James
Philadelphia, PA

Marleena & Michael
Newark, NJ

Ashlee & Jake
Bangor, PA

Rosena & Andrew
Benton, PA

Cristina & Paul
Brooklyn, NY

Kelly & Eric
Hightstown, NJ

Kel & William
Orangeburg, NY

Jasmine & John
Monticello, NY

Yadira & Leonardo
Jersey City, NJ

Jennifer & Miguel
Bronx, NY

Laura & Jose
Vineland, NJ

Michael & Jennifer
Middlesex, NJ

Natalie & Steven
Cortlandt Manor, NY

Zeamittria & Jeremy
Long Island City, NY

Nicole & Kevin
Brooklyn, NY

Carrie & Jesse
Coatesville, PA

Angelica & Mark
Hopewell Junction, NY

Vinodh & Sumi
Fords, NJ

Melissa & Brent
New Tripoli, PA

Kerrin & John
Wilkes Barre, PA

Priscilla & Richard
Franklinville, NJ

Lindsay & Christian
Princeton, NJ

Dana & Rich
Miller Place, NY

Kim & Chris
Little Falls, NJ

Kieran & Kevin
Maple Shade, NJ

Luana & David
Hartsdale, NY

Robert & Sam
Pittston, PA

Thalia & Steven
Whitehouse Station, NJ

Raymond & Luisa
New York, NY

Monica & Eddie
Paulsboro, NJ

Karina & Anthony
Bristol, CT

Brooke & Derek
Maple Shade, NJ

Regina & Walter
Keyport, NJ

Samantha & Abi
Brooklyn, NY

Brent & Delaney
Longport, NJ

Lorien & Timothy
Avalon, NJ

Melissa & Kamran
Randolph, NJ

Krista & John
Wilkes Barre, PA

Rieva & Greg
Patchogue, NY

Paula & David
Washington, NJ

Frank & Evelyn
Jersey City, NJ

Sandy & Miguel
Bronx, NY

Juan & Veronica
Long Island City, NY

Yagni & Jay
Jersey City, NJ

Russell & Rebecca
Germansville, PA

Merita & Arben
Tarrytown, NY

Alexandra & David
Peckville, PA

Daniel & Amy
Norristown, PA

Crysta & Charles
Middletown, CT

Gunsoo & Seungmin
Brookfield, CT

Yulia & Filip
Jersey City, NJ

Danielle & Jonathan
Tannersville, PA

Jasmin & Rowen
Bronx, NY

Terryliz & Julius
Jersey City, NJ

Collin & Audrey
Meriden, CT

Kirstie & Quinton
Tuckahoe, NJ

Jason & Karen
Alburtis, PA

Jean-Carlo & Johan
Secaucus, NJ

Rosauro & Emma
Mahanoy City, PA

Beth & Joe
West Point, NY

Samantha & Brian
Belvidere, NJ

Andria & David
Millersville, PA

Michael & Sarah
Poughkeepsie, NY

Jacqueline & Robert
Greenwich, CT

Elizabeth & Stephen
Madison, CT

Kendra & Allen
Philadelphia, PA

Andrea & Dean
Newfoundland, PA

Amanda & Shawn
Birdsboro, PA

Heather & Kyle
Reading, PA

Christina & Aaron
Denver, PA

Linda & George
Brooklyn, NY

Debbie & Dewey
Dover, DE

Tamara & Gregory
Lehighton, PA

Christina & Dale
Browns Mills, NJ

Kelly & Joseph
Norristown, PA

Kristy & Joshua
Chester, PA

Fox & Temuulen
Princeton Junction, NJ

Lily & Edwin
Philadelphia, PA

Ann & Scott
Moodus, CT

Natalie & Casey
Bethlehem, PA

Jasmine & Jayna
Paterson, NJ

Deidre & Steven
Bronx, NY

Chenoa & Ed
Lenoxville, PA

Cermy & Cesar
Bethlehem, PA

Kirsten & Brandon
Allentown, PA

Candice & Stefano
Huntington, NY

Stefanie & Tom
Summit Hill, PA

Amanda & Vinnie
Warrington, PA

Steven & Karen
Long Beach, NY

Alicia & Anthony
Kingston, NY

Amber & Elliott
Reading, PA

Karen & Mark
Bridgewater, NJ

Arielle & Michael
Albrightsville, PA

Kaitlyn & Ray
Sacramento, PA

Nathan & Elizabeth
North Salem, NY

Georgiana & Kiefer
Jim Thorpe, PA

Christine & Robert
Wingdale, NY

Elaine & Armando
Lodi, NJ

Travis & Bridget
Ridgefield Park, NJ

Bruce & Marina
Chester Springs, PA

Tiffany & Tyler
West Chester, PA

Tonya & Adam
Upper Black Eddy, PA

Jeremy & Dawn
Ephrata, PA

Kate & John
Chester, NY

Jackie & Sean
Paterson, NJ

Eddie & Joe
Sicklerville, NJ

Jennifer & Darren
Randolph, NJ

Walter & Roxann
Northampton, PA

Nicole & Coy
Tunkhannock, PA

Stacey & Ben
Walton, NY

Angela & Salvatore
Oakdale, NY

Christielynne & Emil
Forestburgh, NY

Victor & Ana
Holbrook, NY

James & Bridget
Elmer, NJ

Lydia & Danieller
Brooklyn, NY

Linda & Charles
Jenkintown, PA

Storm & James
Kingston, PA

Sandra & Billy
Langhorne, PA

Ishmeal & Mavis
Mount Vernon, NY

Cheryl & Arnaldo
Lodi, NJ

Shaneeza & Anil
Bayside, NY

Kaylany & Shaquille
Branford, CT

Anastasia & Shane
Hunlock Creek, PA

Madelene & Cristian
Allentown, PA

Destiny & Seraphim
Philadelphia, PA

Samantha & Travis
Pine Grove, PA

Carina & Sean
Long Island City, NY

Megan & Basilio
Absecon, NJ

Daron & Peter
Glen Mills, PA

Colleen & Edward
Wilkes Barre, PA

Rosemarie & Anthony
Queens Village, NY

Tammy & Geza
Staten Island, NY

Karen & Eddie
Maspeth, NY

Wes & Nicole
Easton, PA

Margaux & Akim
Barrington, NJ

Jenna & Anthony
Washington, NJ

Beverly & Tony
Philadelphia, PA

Eponine & Kyle
Pittston, PA

John & Allie
Macungie, PA

Lundon & Jose
Oaklyn, NJ

Yanitza & Mateo
Reading, PA

Miguel & Stephanie
Haledon, NJ

Alicia & Mark
Jermyn, PA

Greg & Elise
Medford, NJ

Alexis & E
Kutztown, PA

Marguerite & Daniel
Island Park, NY

Inez & Willie
Bethlehem, PA

Yaritsa & Fredy
Highland Mills, NY

Catherine & Keith
Gilbertsville, PA

Chelsey & Joseph
Riverton, NJ

Denasia & Joneisha
Waterbury, CT

Kaysi & Kyle
Saugerties, NY

Rhonda & Lamont
Westfield, NJ

Christine & Stephen
Reading, PA

Desiree & Jackie
Philadelphia, PA

Nadiyah & Nadiyah
Norristown, PA

Brittany & Mike
Waterbury, CT

Selena & Clayton
Falls, PA

Desirae & Valenzuela
Bensalem, PA

Christopher & Hayley
Collingswood, NJ

Ryan & Krista
Waterbury, CT

Nadja & Roland
Darby, PA

Diana & Dean
New York, NY

Lindsay & Jacob
Wapwallopen, PA

Santiago & Kenleigh
Allentown, PA

Andrew & Jamie
Conestoga, PA

Jodi & Brenen
Ronkonkoma, NY

Kelly & Mark
New Windsor, NY

Sarah & David
Conklin, NY

Jessica & William
Jamison, PA

Vanessa & Mark
West Nyack, NY

Jillian & Jared
Stony Brook, NY

Sara & Zach
New Windsor, NY

Alison & Greg
Coatesville, PA

Nichele & Joseph
Wilmington, DE

Kerry & Rob
Brookfield, CT

Jacqueline & Gary
Bedminster, NJ

Camille & Steve
Branchville, NJ

Latoyia & Edwin
Southington, CT

Tisha & Shawn
Philadelphia, PA

Tracy & David
Philadelphia, PA

Ipatios & Ioanna
Somers Point, NJ

Lisa & Bryan
Belleville, NJ

Ashley & Jason
Millersville, PA

Danielle & Seth
Levittown, PA

Anastasia & Jonah
Easton, PA

Kelly & Chester
Lancaster, PA

Melissa & Scott
Delaware City, DE

Chayanisa & Michael
Long Valley, NJ

Kehla & Brian
Mount Carmel, PA

John & Margarita
Highland Falls, NY

Steven & Lauren
Ocean City, NJ

Onoria & Edward
Newburgh, NY

Ieisha & Samuel
Quakertown, PA

Florence & Kevin
Philadelphia, PA

Luz & Pedro
Philadelphia, PA

Tasha & Dwayne
Philadelphia, PA

Carmen & John
Brentwood, NY

Deidra & Perry
Warrington, PA

Kevin & Faith
Drums, PA

Connie & Raymond
Philadelphia, PA

Arisel & Fernando
Linden, NJ

Karen & Michael
Bristol, CT

Marcela & Brian
Hopatcong, NJ

Tiffany & Nixon
Breinigsville, PA

Kathy & George
Philadelphia, PA

Ian & Lindsey
Pequea, PA

Lisa & Mark
Glenmoore, PA

Shelby & Bryant
Montgomery, NY

Tiwanna & Antonio
Coatesville, PA

Chelsie & Joshua
Reading, PA

Jessica & Dean
Port Deposit, MD

Judith & Rasheen
Union, NJ

Lynn & Nelsom
Exton, PA

Chris & Debbie
Mount Laurel, NJ

Jo & Aleya
Dallas, PA

Joanna & Greg
Warren, NJ

Terrell & Tara
Stamford, CT

Angelique & Scot
Hawley, PA

Lissette & Eduardo
Berwick, PA

Sharon & Larry
Philadelphia, PA

Lauren & Christopher
Brigantine, NJ

Tanya & Tracy
Benton, PA

Jody & Jessica
Carbondale, PA

Tiffany & Jeffrey
New Rochelle, NY

Carly & Steven
Washington Crossing, PA

Barbara & Henry
Ronkonkoma, NY

Cynthia & Luis
Allentown, PA

Kaitlyn & Rich
Lake Harmony, PA

Leanne & James
Matawan, NJ

Emily & Norman
Scranton, PA

Susan & Joseph
Lititz, PA

Janaye & Joshua
Wappingers Falls, NY

Katelynn & Shane
Claymont, DE

Matthew & Jillian
Waterford, CT

Marcus & Lydiana
Lake Katrine, NY

David & Maria
Shelton, CT

Christopher & Athena
Kresgeville, PA

James & Amber
Staten Island, NY

Dawn & Evan
King of Prussia, PA

Raven & James
Bayonne, NJ

Barbara & David
Lancaster, PA

Francesca & Charles
Mahopac, NY

Nicole & Nick
Asbury Park, NJ

Christine & Wayne
Mahopac, NY

Paul & Patty
Oakdale, NY

Derek & Jennesa
Long Island City, NY

Ashley & Jonthan
Andover, NJ

Mayra & Edgar
Ridgewood, NY

Jennifer & Erasto
Yonkers, NY

Yulia & Vladislav
Feasterville Trevose, PA

David & Maritza
Paterson, NJ

Katelin & Erwin
Westport, CT

Robert & Anne Marie
Oak Ridge, NJ

Naomi & Joshua
Kingston, PA

Laura & Velin
Haledon, NJ

Salvatore & Annette
New Rochelle, NY

Christine & Roderick
Weehawken, NJ

Ashley & Andrew
Phillipsburg, NJ

Monica & Andrew
Elmhurst, PA

Danielle & Michael
Macungie, PA

Colleen & Steve
Matawan, NJ

Marisa & Andrew
Bloomsburg, PA

Andrea & Davies
Cambria Heights, NY

Jeff & Robb
Hamburg, NJ

Joe & Kate
Ambler, PA

Kim & Lisa
Kingston, PA

Crystal & Orin
Olyphant, PA

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