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KC Weddings 2 Go

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Kansas City, MO

(913) 244-8528

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KC Weddings 2 Go

  (27 reviews)

Top Reviewed

Kansas City, MO

(913) 244-8528

Updated 2 days ago

We have been performing non-denominational, Spiritual, same-sex and traditional ceremonies since 1991 at any location You choose! Even "barefoot at the beach!" In addition we have two Quaint Little Chapels & Historic wedding chapel, "THE EDISON WEDDING & EVENT SPACE." If you prefer a more traditional style ceremony or a quick Courthouse style wedding. formal, informal or a themed Wedding in your family's back yard, on a boat or your favorite lake, park, or BBQ joint, call us today!

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“Hey all of you grooms out there, if you are helping to plan your wedding, I definitely want to suggest. you check out KCweddings2go. We went with the intimate package and that got us Pastor Nancy as our officiant, photography with 40 hi-res images, and a seriously sweet bouquet and boutonniere. Pastor Nancy was amazing and everything went perfectly. We were both extremely pleased.”

Reed Hartzler

“We were looking to throw a wedding together in about a week and we had no idea how to make that happen. Luckily we found KCweddings2go. We didn't have a location but Pastor Nancy has a Chapel right there on the Independence Square. She was able to provide an officiant, photography, as well as flowers. All of that for under $500. Our minds were blown. Everything went as planned and we couldn't be happier with our choice.”

Dax Preston

“Our choice in using KCWeddings2go for our wedding was the best choice we made. We thought we could just run to the courthouse & get married by a judge in Independence, MO but we were wrong. Luckily we found Pastor Nancy & her beautiful Chapel near the courthouse. We chose the Intimate package that for $499 we got Pastor Nancy as our officiant, pictures, & beautiful flowers. She was so delightful & funny & set the tone for our ceremony. Her chapel was the perfect, intimate setting for us.”

Julianne Sorem

“My husband is from Mexico & is bilingual. Many of his family were coming for the wedding & speak only Spanish. It was important that they felt included so we searched for a bilingual officiant. We found KCWeddings2go & Pastor Nancy. She performed 1/2 the ceremony in English & 1/2 in Spanish. She was so warm & friendly & her prices so reasonable. We chose the Intimate Package and got the officiant, 40 pictures & bouquet & boutonniere for $499. Couldn't have been happier.”

Taylor Jeanne Sampson

“Who knew you couldn't get married at the courthouse by a judge in Jackson County Missouri? Not this girl. Luckily, I stumbled upon KCWeddings2go, Pastor Nancy and her adorable Chapel right by the courthouse in Independence. For less than $500 she helped us with the marriage license, was our officiant, provided photography and the flowers for each of us. She was fabulous... Helpful, kind, funny and warm. Who wouldn't want that in an officiant?.”

Bella Pierson

“We could not have asked for a better person to be the officiant at our wedding than Pastor Nancy from KCWeddings2go. She was organized, prompt and thorough. Most importantly, she was kind, funny, spiritual, insightful and full of fabulous ideas. By the time she married us, it felt like she had known us our entire lives. What more could you ask for in a pastor?.”

Candace Gean

“Just wanted to send out a huge thank you to KCWeddings2go in playing a big part in making our wedding day such a huge success. Pastor Nancy did such a great job officiating. It was heartfelt and touched everybody who attended. Jessica, our photographer, was super fun and fast. Our pictures turned out perfect. I would give you more than 5 stars if I could. You were both amazing to work with.”

Nolan Jacobson

“KCWeddings2Go hooked us up & married us the next day. My girl is 9 mos pregnant & never cared if we were married. A week before her due date suddenly we HAD to be married before the baby came. I called KCWeddings2go & Nancy said she would handle everything & we just had to pick the place. She helped speed up getting the marriage license. We got married on our deck w/ family & friends. Nancy took wedding pics & got my girl a bouquet. 3 days later our son was born. Thanks for getting 'er done.”

Marshall Raymond

“I've been w/ the same girl since I was 16 & I'm now 29. We never dreamed of fairy tale weddings we would have 1 day cuz it just wasn't possible. Recently we began dreaming of our fairy tale wedding. Had 2 be on Truman Lake where we spent our summers. I found KCWeddings2Go & connected w/ Nancy from the moment we met. She was spiritual, open-minded & excited about marrying us. We got married on our pontoon boat in the middle of Truman Lake & it was better than any fairy tale.”

LeAnne Daniels

“Thank you KC Weddings 2 Go & Pastor Nancy for being able to put a ceremony together for us in just 2 hours. We didn't think there was any way it could be done before my fiance's father had to get on a plane for Mexico. It's nice to know that last minute or spur of the moment plans can be accommodated by someone like yourself. You will never know what you gave to us when you officiated our ceremony and took the pictures so we would remember this day always.”

Brandy Martinez

“What a wonderful experience we had with KCWeddings2go. They were able to accommodate us with only a 2 hour notice. Pastor Nancy couldn't have been nicer and she did such a lovely job officiating our little LGBT union. No judgement, awkwardness... Just a big smile and kind words. Will definitely recommend to all my friends and family.”

Rachel James

“As my son & his fiance planned their wedding, it proved too stressful for them cuz of demands from family & $. Eventually they wanted to forget the whole thing. They really wanted a small wedding with just a few people & then throw a big party for everyone. I found KCWeddings2go & in 15 min we had it arranged. Pastor Nancy officiated the ceremony in my backyard. She also provided the photography. The kids were thrilled. Weeks later when we had the reception, Nancy was there shooting pics.”

Robert Allen

“My partner of 7 years & I, on the spur of the moment, decided we wanted to get married on Halloween. We both grew up on farms in southern MO so we agreed to a wedding on a hayrack ride with just a few of our family and friends. We contacted a couple of people to see if they would be willing to perform our ceremony. We could tell within 2 minutes that they were not too excited to officiate the wedding of 2 gay guys. Then we found Nancy at KCWeddings2go. She couldn't wait to be a part of our big day.”

Hunter Martin

“Thanks to Pastor Nancy at KC Weddings 2 Go for doing such a fantastic job officiating our wedding. It was touching, thoughtful, loving and funny. Our guests were crying and laughing at the same time. We had more positive comments from our family & friends about Pastor Nancy than about any other part of our wedding. It wouldn't have been as special if we had chosen anyone else to marry us.”

Amanda Biancalana

“My brother has been in Central America on a mission trip for 2 yrs. My fiance & I have put off our wedding cuz I need my brother to be my best man. He surprised us by showing up unannounced. He would be here for 2 weeks & then leaving again for a year or 2. We found KC Weddings 2 Go & they were an integral part of pulling this together on such short notice. Pastor Nancy performed the ceremony & was terrific. They also provided the photographer & the flowers. They work hard & they work fast.”

Anders Long

“KC Weddings 2 Go provided the officiant and the photography for my brother’s wedding. Rev. Nancy was absolutely a breath of fresh air. She is the epitome of cool under pressure. Her personality was & added bonus. The pictures she took were beautiful. They got a cd of images with copyright so we were all able to print off or order as many pictures as we wanted. Great business. Highly recommend.”

Jane Peters

“My boyfriend & I had been together for 23 yrs & have had 3 kids but had never married. I had given up on that dream years ago. Then out of the blue he says, "let’s get married". I nearly fainted. Nothing big or fancy. A co-worker told me to check out KC Weddings 2 Go. Best advice I ever got. We found everything we needed in one place. Officiant, photographer, florist. We were married 1 week later at my parents' house in front of the fireplace where we enjoyed our first kiss 23 years earlier.”

Brooke Squires

“Three hours before our ceremony was to begin, we found out our officiant was getting ready to go into surgery for a ruptured appendix. The guests were to begin arriving soon & we had no one to marry us. We started googling like crazy & found KCWeddings2go. We called & got Nancy Kerr & explained our predicament. She told us to relax, give her the address & she would be there in an hour. True to her word she was & she performed our ceremony & it was perfect.”

Shelley Nash

“We went to the Independence courthouse to get our marriage license & to arrange for a judge to marry us. To our surprise we were told that you can no longer be married at the courthouse. We did some research & found KCWeddings2go. We were able to book Rev. Nancy for the following weekend. Now where to get married? She had a lot of great ideas & we decided on a horse drawn carriage ride on The Plaza. Couldn't have been more intimate, romantic, beautiful... perfect. Thanks for the great idea.”

Gavin Lindholm

“Thank you Rev. Nancy, from KC Weddings 2 Go, for marrying my girlfriend & me without prejudice, judgment or hesitation. Unlike a couple of other officiants we talked to, you seemed both happy and excited to perform our ceremony. Your compassion & understanding & awesome personality washed away all of the negativity we had encountered thus far. Thanks for making our day perfect. The pictures were beautiful as well. Can't wait to take a tour of your new chapel once it's ready.”

April Winters

“Rev. Nancy & KC Weddings 2 Go made our private little ceremony for 2 a near perfect experience. She was almost as excited as we were & her personality just really clicked with us. It was almost like being married by a family member. She made it as grand as a large, expensive wedding for us. The only thing she couldn't seem to do was prevent the bird from pooping on me right after the first kiss. They say it's good luck... Thanks for everything Rev. Nancy.”

Tammy Haines

“We were so lucky to find Rev. Nancy & KC Weddings 2 go after we found out that we couldn't get married at the Independence Courthouse by a judge. We were disappointed & walking around the Square when we overheard a conversation about a new wedding chapel going in there. We stopped to inquire. This is how we met Rev. Nancy & hired her on the spot to officiate or ceremony and also do the photography. She did a wonderful job with both. That was some good karma we had that day.”

Tracy Fisher

“My partner & I decided to take a leap of faith & get married. We love to ride our motorcycles so we decided to take a ride down to southern MO & get married at the B&B we went to on our very first motorcycle road trip 11 yrs ago. A friend turned us on to KC Weddings 2 go & Rev. Nancy. She was the perfect 1 to marry us. She also rode & was up for the trip. The icing on the cake was she also did the photography. I had no idea getting married could be so darn fun. Rev. Nancy was a big part as to why.”

Kristin Wells

“The day after I became engaged, I called my sister in CA & asked her to be my maid of honor. She told me she was being transferred to Japan & would be leaving in 3 weeks so we would have to move fast. I found KCWeddings2go on google & Nancy said not to worry, it could be done. It was one stop shopping. She was our officiant, florist & photographer. We were married at my grandparents' farm & the best part was that my sister was there standing right beside me.”

Kelly Wellman

“Who gets married in December in Missouri besides us? Thankfully we found KCWeddings2go. Got our officiant and photographer with one call. Rev. Nancy was the best. She was totally up for marrying 2 crazy girl's in the middle of winter at our house. Great personality. Took amazing photos as well. She is so knowledgeable about everything Weddings that she gave us great info as well as referrals to other vendors she trusted. Definitely give KCWeddings2go a call.”

Haylen Daly

“My fiancé & I went to the courthouse in Independence to get a marriage license & to get married by a judge. We were informed that in Missouri, you can no longer be married by a judge in a courthouse. What? So we did a google search on officiant’s & the first one was Heartland Weddings. Rev. Nancy met us at the courthouse 15 minutes later & helped us get the license. 15 minutes after that, we were married under a tree in a nearby park. I kid you not, 30 minutes & she had it done.”

Billy Snodgrass

“I got married on April Fools Day. It was a surprise to my fiance. I planned it all with the help of her mom & sis. We had 3 weeks to pull this off. I found KC Weddings 2 Go on Google. We met & I found that Rev. Nancy could do the officiating. She did the pics & flowers. She fast tracked getting our marriage license. My fiancé thought this was all an April Fools joke. We got married at Loose Park & it was perfect. She was the most surprised woman in all of Missouri that day.”

Josh S. Weller

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“We have 3 wedding chapels in MO & KS. We can do a legal signing of your marriage license or perform wedding ceremonies from any county in Missouri or Kansas or come to any location that you choose.”

“We are featured in a Super bowl commercial as one of Americas most successful small business' for 2019! Please watch it on you tube after the Superbowl #Headstrong Head and Shoulders.”

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