When Flowers Dream

Kalispell, MT

I often have brides ask "What are good colors for a winter wedding?" Well red and green are obvious choices, but have you considered blue? I call it cinderalla blue, with sparkle, it can remind everyone of the frosty weather. Another of my winter favs is black and white, it is such a classic and you use several colors for a special highlight. With all of the new trends in floral design you do not...

VVK Photo

San Ramon, CA

___ Bride dressing for wedding ___ Mother helping bride put on veil ___ Bride looking in mirror ___ Bride putting on garter ___ Bride-Full Length ___ Bride-Half Length ___ Bride-Close Up ___ Bride with mother-Full Length ___ Bride with mother-Close Up ___ Bride with father-Full Length ___ Bride with father-Close Up ___ Bride pinning on ather's boutonniere ___ Bride with Both Parents-Full Length ___ Bride with Parents-Close Up ___ Bride with Grandparents-Full Length ___ Bride...

Forever, Together - Seattle Wedding Officiants

Seattle, WA

Most Officiants like to wax poetic about the wonderful couples they marry, and of course we feel that way about our couples, too. But honestly, one of my favorite things about performing weddings is that, after being married for 17 years myself (and with Joanne for nearly 25), I have found a way to remind myself of why marriage matters and why it's such a great idea. Being wedding officiants has, among many other positive...

Let's Get Married!

Madison, WI

This was a great weekend to spend at Devil's Head Resort and Devil's Lake State Park. With a wedding both Saturday and Sunday, I found that having an early fall wedding outdoors is sometimes a little unpredictable! The news forecast 54 and rain for Saturday, and it turned out to be 65 and right sun and blue sky! Today was overcast but 60, and perfect for the photographer. No one was squinting in the pictures...

Bold Imagery by Jason Connel

Springfield, MO

Howdy! I just wanted drop every one a line to let you know my website has some updates to it, and I would like to invite you over to see them. My website is... wedfolio.com/YNFoQG Also, my new blog resides right on the same servers as my website now. I am hoping that will improve a few things. You can see that at... wedfolio.com/nZ7M7T While there check out the newest post to the blog which...

Let's Get Married!

Madison, WI

Outdoor weddings are beautiful, and can be even more beautiful when remembering to plan for lots of unexpected items. Some thoughts... Go to the place it is going to be at the same time of the day. Take note of where the sun is, and if it will be in your or your officiant's eyes (He or she needs to be able to read from their book/paper). Or, will it be shining down on the...

Tammy Muecke Photography / Lifeart Galleries

Omaha, NE

What a beautiful ceremony Julie and Ben's wedding was to watch through my lens last weekend. They were so in love and ready to be husband and wife. As she walked from the house, down the grass to the lake, she had a smile on her face from ear to ear. She was radiant!

Let's Get Married!

Madison, WI

Ahhhhh the sun decided to shine for the wedding this past Sunday! After about a week of rain, clouds and terrible weather, we were blessed with a perfect day! My bride and grrom couldn't have been more beautiful, and the weather was the perfect icing on the cake! I love when things come together!

High Photo Arts

Madison, WI

We are currently updating our web site and here is our new Artistic Brochure! Please download it from our web site.

Let's Get Married!

Madison, WI

Update after the wedding... Even in the rain, the spirits were high! The Unity Chapel is the final resting place of Frank Llyod Wright, and a great little place. The wedding was great, and the couple is happily married! Congrats to them! Last night we had a beautiful rehearsal at an old chapel in Spring Green. There is no parking, just the road to pull off the side, but it's what was inside the chapel...