And the Groom Wore...

by Vera Fernandes

Ok ladies, I know that many of us think of the wedding as "her" day, the day she has dreamed about. But let's be honest, I'm sure you dreamed of that perfect man, and it does take two to get married. You can be the star and shine, but we want our man right next to us to shine just as bright too. After all, he's with the best woman ever and you chose him too!

We answer lots of questions about men's formal attire. White tie refers to the most formal attire. It requires that males in the wedding party an all male guests wear black tails, matching black pants, white pique wing collar shirts, white pique vests, bow ties and studs.

Today's standards do allow some variations like wearing shirts that are not pique. White tie and tails is traditional for evening weddings. Contemporary standards do accept this attire for grooms any time of the day with groomsmen wearing black formal attire.

Black tie describes party or evening wear. Tuxedos fall into this category. A tuxedo has a standard length coat with some dressy trim and matching pants although many designers are also showing a slightly longer coat silhouette. Today a black tie affair may have the gentlemen in tuxedos with any color tie and matching cummerbund or coordinating vest.

A morning coat refers to daytime formal attire. It has either a black or gray coat with matching striped pants, gray vest and a black and gray stripped four-in-hand tie or ascot.

The two main guidelines for grooms are that his formalwear should not clash with the color scheme the bride has chosen and his attire should complement - not upstage the bride's gown.

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