Dealing With Stress on Your Wedding Day

by Tim Brown

Stress. It seems to be something that can eat away at all of us. It's how you handle the stress that matters and that's one thing I hear from all the couples I shoot.

"Tim, you kept us on the up and up at times when we were really heading down."

Or, another time when I got, "Tim, you took all of the worries and concerns away and let us enjoy what was ours, the day."

I guess it was then that I began to realize just how much stress couples go through. Did I go through that same stress on my wedding day? I don't recall, but I do know it was a great day. So as your day gets closer, don't let the worries or concerns bring an extra weight to your shoulder. Try not to put to much time emphasis on certain aspects of your day. It will all happen and chances are pretty good it will not begin to happen until you're there anyway.

Take a couple minutes to take it all in. From waking up through the reception. Just take it in. Don't worry if the limo arrives somewhere around 10 minutes late, or if the sun is out or not. It just happens that so much of your day is out of your control, so stop and ask yourself, "why do I have to control this?" The answer, you don't.

Let your day unfold and realize that it will be beautiful no matter what the weather, no matter what happened to the dress or maybe just a necklace. Don't worry if you're 10 minutes late to the ceremony, it's your day! Why should you worry or stress at all? YOU SHOULDN'T!

So you've done what you can do, let everyone else worry for you now. It will all be beautiful. But don't forget to stop and take that beauty in. I recently had a bride that decided a videographer was something she didn't need only to later say, "oh my god, I didn't see this or that".

I'm not saying to hire a videographer. What I am saying is to just stop. Go into a corner and look around. Look at all the smiling faces, the tears, the laughter and all the little things you put time into. Look at it all and take it in, hold it near and know that this day, YOUR DAY, is a beautiful thing!

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