Helpful Ways to Ensure That You Get Great Wedding Photos

by Parris Whittingham

I am often asked, "how can you ensure that your photographs of my wedding will be as good as the ones on your site?" The simple truth is... I can't. At the end of the day, every wedding is unique and each experience brings its own set of difficulties and accomplishments. What I can promise you is this, meeting with your wedding photographer and developing a positive relationship with him/her beforehand is crucial.

Most of us feel awkward having our picture taken and the simple truth is, you don't want to discover all of your photographic flaws on the day of your wedding. A successful wedding photographer is tasked with the job of bringing you ease and peace of mind... or at least the photos should convey this message. These images should exude the joy, love and emotion of your wedding. They should have a flavor so good you can taste the it! Okay maybe I'm getting a bit carried away but your wedding photographs at the very least should make you feel something.

By meeting with your photographer beforehand and collaborating with him or her you can successfully gauge the type of person that you have hired. After all, we are people first. Is he or she funny? Do they make you feel relaxed? Are they confident? These are all traits that great photographers offer to their clients before, during and after the wedding day. These skills are priceless when it comes to selecting a photographer and more importantly, understanding the commitment that a photographer is willing to make to you. After all, hiring a wedding photographer is an investment.

Personally, my goal is to go into a photography project with the goal of honoring my clients best, long-term interests. There are a lot a fads and gimmicks out there and a good photographer should be able to counsel you on which trends will most likely disappoint you in the long run. Your experience with the wedding photographer is perhaps the most intimate of all the wedding vendors you hire. Remember you are entrusting this person to immortalize you in still images that will be passed down from generation to generation. I still have wedding photos from when my great great grandparents were married! Unlike the flowers, the cake or the dress, the memories and images of your wedding day are truly priceless. Therefore, the best way to have a memorable and joyous photographic experience is to invest in a photographer whose work, personality and commitment meet your needs.

Most photographers have tips and techniques for how they help brides and grooms prepare for their big day. Getting an additional engagement photography session for example is a great way to bond with your photographer and each other beforehand. In general, I find the best remedy to camera shyness is trust. Once you select a photographer, trust that he/she knows what they are doing and let them do what they do best... make you look good! If you have any requests, discuss them upfront. In general, try to avoid being confrontational or directorial on the day of your wedding. This will surely distract you from enjoying your big day and might hurt the overall concentration and focus of your photographer. Remember, there are no shortcuts to this process. Just as you do not expect your photographer to show up without a camera. You should not expect amazing wedding photos without first developing a solid rapport with your wedding photographer.

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