Guest Book Alternatives for Modern Weddings

by Sarah Westerfield

Many brides are looking for a way to incorporate traditional items into their wedding with a modern twist. One of the simple ways to accomplish this is with a guest book alternative. Traditional guest books are usually bound books that your guests sign so you have a registry of who was present to witness your wedding. However, as many couples will admit, they rarely look at the guest book after the wedding. In the recent years, many guest book alternatives have been created. Some of these include the signature mat frames, signature platters, well-wishing guest books, and photo album guest books.

SIGNATURE MAT FRAME: This guest book alternative is one that will be cherished for years to come. Your guests will sign their names and thoughts on a mat surrounding an engagement or wedding picture of the bride and groom. After the wedding, the picture frame can be put on display in your home as a lovely reminder of your wedding.

SIGNATURE PLATTER: Another guest book alternative is the signature platter. Some platters are available in porcelain to be signed with a special pen (do not serve food on this platter) while others must be fired to preserve the signatures after the wedding. Regardless of what material or style of platter you choose, this is another wonderful way to display the names and thoughts of those who attended your wedding.

WELL-WISHER GUEST BOOK: Instead of a book of signatures, these guest book alternatives allow your guests to write down their words of wisdom, advice and "well-wishes" to the happy couple. You can display these slips of paper in a specially designed book or come up with your own unique idea for displaying these well-wishes. Either way, you are sure to view the words from your friends for years to come as a source of encouragement and wisdom. Or you can have your guests tie their slips of paper to a tree with ribbon that matches your wedding colors!

PHOTO ALBUM GUEST BOOK: This guest book alternative is really special. In addition to your guest's names and greetings, you can also have a photograph of them as a special keepsake from your wedding day. Several styles of photo albums are available: Polaroid Picture Instant Photo Album Guest Book - Have several polaroid cameras and film available. It is a good idea to designate someone to take pictures of your guests as they come in. Polaroid film only takes a minute or so to develop and you can instantly slide the picture into the guest book. Your guests can sign their names and words of wisdom below their photograph. Digital or Developed Film - Other photo album guest books come with a spot to later add the photo, once it's been printed or developed.

The important thing to consider when deciding on a guest book alternative is what would fit your personality the best. These are just some of the many options available for brides looking for a way to incorporate traditional items into their wedding with a unique twist. Have fun planning your wedding!

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