Helpful Hints for Formal Portraits

by Anja Ulfeldt

Scheduling formal portraits at your wedding is a delicate task. You want to be sure to get those once in a lifetime shots of all your friends and family who have come from far and wide to celebrate with you, but you don't want to bring the event to a stop with a photo session that takes too long and keeps you from your guests or puts you behind schedule.

A couple of helpful hints I like to offer as a photographer are as follows:

  • Schedule a few portraits before the ceremony. You can schedule bridal portraits with your bridesmaids and female family members before the ceremony. Have the wedding party arrive a little early and take some fun pictures with the girls! The guys can do the same thing, that way you have a significant part of your formal shots taken early on.
  • Make a photo list. Create a list of family members who will be attending and decide ahead of time who will be in each shot. This saves a tremendous amount of time on the day of the wedding. Be sure to give grandparents and young children priority on your list.
  • Put a friend in charge. Select a friend who is familiar with most of your guests and give them the task of gathering friends and family for pictures. Give them a copy of the photo list. That way the photographer can concentrate on the shots and you can relax.

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