Wedding Photography -- Planning Ahead Pays Off

by Emily Law

It's true throughout life, but never more so than during those stressful days in your life. On your wedding day I have a few tips that will help make the most out of the time you have to enjoy.

  • Have someone assigned to help the photography and video crew. It should be that person's only job, and they should know most of the people in your photos. Let the person you designate know what photos you want, too. Make sure your photographer and that person have spoken with each other beforehand so that they can work together to make the most of their time with your photographer.
  • Have someone in charge of providing snacks, water, soda, and so on at the photo shoot. Make it very well known its there.
  • The more time you set aside before the ceremony for photos, the less frantic the session becomes and the more time the photographer has to get the photos that really capture the true emotions of this great day.
  • The more detailed the list you give to your photographer, the more likely you are to be happy with the photos you receive. The time you put in at the beginning makes it quicker and easier for the day.
  • If you want photos taken at a spot away from the ceremony or formals, figure drive time into getting back and forth from that destination. Make sure you drive it once or twice. Make sure your photographer is familiar with the area.

The day goes fast, and many times during the day you will want to know that things are perfect. The more time you put into planning, the more time you will have during the day to just enjoy it.

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