Ceremony Music Tips

by Songhea Sackrider

The string quartet is a perfect match for any wedding reception, private party, or corporate dinner party. Beautiful, uplifting music is ever-present but never overpowers the conversations of your guests, and the visual presentation is always elegant. Here are a few tips to help you select just the right music to create the perfect ambience.

If you are unsure what kind of music you like, you might buy a classical music wedding CD. Most CDs cover the standard bridal repertoire. Always ask if a song you really like is in your musicians' repertoire. If not, they can probably suggest another song by the same composer or one in the same genre. Don't be afraid to ask for suggestions if you are stumped. Most groups will gladly choose music for you! Also, don't be afraid to let your group know if there are certain songs/composers you don't like as well. If you are really not fond of Bach or Vivaldi, they can avoid playing those composers.

If you want that "special song" that isn't in the play list, give the group at least 1 month to work up an arrangement. Bear in mind that not all songs are available -- especially if they are on the air now. Also not all pop songs arrange well. Without the lyrics, many songs are very repetitive, making for dull arrangements.

Don't try to have a separate song for every group in your wedding (e.g. family, friends, grandparents, groomsmen, etc.) Unless the aisle is very long, you will only get 15 to 30 seconds of each piece making for a very fractured ceremony. Traditionally there is a song for the mothers, one for the bride's maids (including the ring bearer and flower girl) and one for the bride.

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