Cutting Back on Your Guest List Saves Money

by Nora McCoy

How many times have you said "When I get married, I want...?" Now you are getting married and the budget comes into play and you come to the realization that what you wanted isn't in the budget at all. What can you do?

Cut your guest list by 10 guests. That's right. If you cut your guest list by 10 guests you could have enough left in your budget to splurge on something you really wanted for your wedding day.

Here is a sample of what happens:

  • Food and bar @ $60.00 per person = $600.00
  • Chair cover and sash @ $4.00 per person = $40.00
  • Centerpiece @ $60.00 per table = $60.00
  • Invitations @ $5.00 per invite = $50.00
  • Programs @ $2.00 per person = $20.00
  • Favors @ $4.00 per person = $40.00
  • Cake @ $5.00 per person = $50.00

Just what I have listed (and it still does not cover everything) can save you $860.00! That could be enough to get something you didn't think you could afford such as the upgraded photography package your really want or the limo or carriage you always dreamed of. The possibilities are endless when you take away just 10 guests (1 table).

Look over your guest list many times and think about things such as:

  • When is the last time I spoke to or saw?
  • Do I really need to invite all my friends?
  • Do all my co-workers really need to be invited?
  • They are just business acquaintances...

You get the idea. So dig into that guest list and mark off some of those guests so that you can have the one thing you have always wanted for your wedding day!

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