There Is No Substitute For a Professional Wedding Photographer

by Lori Craig

As you begin the long, wonderful and stressful process of planning the most important day of your life, there are some very important questions to ask when it comes time to retain the services of the professional you are trusting to capture all the wonderful memories.

Some of the most important questions you will want to consider are:

"Why should we hire a professional wedding photographer when our friend has a great digital camera, and we will only be paying for the prints?" The photographs taken by a professional photographer will become the most treasured family heirloom you will ever own, and your album will be viewed with love and adoration by many generations. Your memories should only be trusted to a trained photographer that can offer you professional services and a beautiful archival wedding album.

"How much should we spend on our wedding photography without being over budget?" Photography is usually 20% of your entire wedding budget. Think about it, this is an investment that will last a lifetime. Your dress will be packed away, the meal and cake will have been eaten and the music is only a memory. Make a wise and informed choice when considering your photographer.

"Our wedding will be small. Should we spend less on a photographer?" Well, the size of your wedding shouldn't really matter when it comes to a professional photographer working your wedding. He or she should shoot weddings with passion and drive whether there are 40 guests or 400 guests. He or she shouldn't turn off, just because there are fewer people attending.

"When should I call to inquire about wedding photography?" You should contact a professional photographers when yo have a solid idea of exactly what you are looking for in a photographer. A well sought after professional can book up to 24 months in advance and will seldom respond to the question "how much do you charge for photographing a wedding". You should contact a photographer based on quality and their ability to capture the beautiful emotional moments of your very special day. I can guarantee you that if you are only worried about cost, then you will cost yourself peace of mind.

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