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TSH Videography Services

Castle Rock, CO

(720) 480-6164

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We really enjoyed having Travis as our videographer. He was incredibly professional and receptive to our needs and we are very excited to see the finished product.


Our video turned out wonderful! It was a really great length, included many angles, sounds, and music of our choice! We appreciated that he didn't need much direction the day of the wedding and was very prompt in his communication both before and after our wedding. We are really happy with the final product and glad that we will be able to watch our special day in the future. I would definitely recommend these services to a friend for their wedding.


Thank you so much for your quick involvement in our wedding. We know it was last minute but we are so glad we went with you. We weren't sure if we wanted a videographer but it was totally worth it. You captured the day perfectly and I love watching the dvd you shot and edited. We appreciate your hard work and professionalism. We would recommend you to any of our friends. Take care and God Bless!


Travis, it was great that Matt and I could hear our special day. Thank you again.


Hey Travis, thank you very much for your hard work. I'm glad that you were able to capture our special day and everything went very smoothly.


Hey Travis... We really enjoyed the DVD you sent us. We are excited for you to share it with Judy and many others!


Hey Travis-I've been meaning to email you for awhile now-the video is awesome! You did such a great job!

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