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TaylorMade Weddings

Winchester, VA

(540) 550-0095

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Darlene was an incredible help to our family. So many people told us it was the best wedding they ever attended -- my aunt said it was the best she'd attended in 80 years! Darlene made that possible. Not only was it great, but even our immediate families, who had the most responsibility, could thoroughly enjoy the day, too. We can't recommend TaylorMade Weddings highly enough!


As the Mother of the Bride, both myself and her father could not have been more happy to have Darlene as our daughter's Wedding Planner. Darlene's professionalism started from the moment we communicated with 'What can I do for all of you?' Darlene's friendship started with wrapping her arms around all of us, and making our dreams come true. Darlene's TaylorMade Weddings truly is the love and pride of her life. Hire Darlene as your go to friend/adviser. You will not be sorry.


Hi future brides & grooms! Hire Darlene quick! Not only did she keep me (the bride) from losing my mind, she kept the groom from having to deal with any of my meltdowns or venting needs (she was priceless for this alone!) Wedding planning is honestly like a 2nd job, there is stuff you don't even realize you need or should do or even know about and that is where having an expert like Darlene on your side also came in handy.


They worked my daughter's wedding like it was their daughter's wedding. They cared about every detail. They made day even more special than it already was. Thanks for being there.


I highly recommend TaylorMade Weddings. They help make planning a wedding less stressful, and give you creative ideas to make the day a reflection of your personality.


Very Professional. Darlene can make the ordinary beautiful and elegant. I enjoyed working with TaylorMade Weddings. If you have an upcoming wedding I recommend them highly.


They did a great job! The wedding ran smoothly from beginning to end.

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