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Rev. Buster, thank you for your time and all of the extra time you spent in helping us achieve the wedding that we were so wanting not only in the vows but in the manner in which you officiated over the entire ceremony even whispering to me so quietly when I got nervous and forgot my vows. Monique and I had talked to Rev. Buster about both our fears of speaking in public, but he very quietly whispered to me and the entire ceremony was so neat and very well done. Please accept our thanks again.


Rev. Buster, we would like to say thank you for the time and effort you put forth in making our wedding ceremony on the 4th of July a moment to remember. We wanted to be married on the 4th of July and many others wanted a price we simply could not afford. But not only were you able to accommodate us in our price range, but also knew of quiet and secluded spot where we could have just a few friends. The entire ceremony was so nice. We would highly recommend Rev. Roper. God Bless.


We were referred to Rev. Roper by a family member who had used his services before. Not only did he create a set of vows for us that were the absolute best, but did so at no extra cost. His fee was really very low for the type of commitment and effort he put into our ceremony. We were extremely pleased with the manner and how well he interacted with our desire to have an old fashioned style of dress for our ceremony. He looked the part so well. His service was the best!


Rev. Buster, not only were the vows that you created for us terrific but, sir, you as well did an outstanding job. We were both nervous and your manner and demeanor was so relaxed and you made each of us feel so at ease as you so aptly guided us through the ceremony. We shall be forever grateful and remember how special you made us feel at this very important time in our lives. Please keep in touch with us as well. God Bless you Rev. Buster.


Rev. Roper came to us highly recommended and we were very pleased with his handling of the actual ceremony as well as all the preparation that went into helping us create our vows. He did an outstanding job and even when it started to rain on us he never faltered. He even got a huge laugh out of our guests and relatives when he told the groom "if mama was not happy, then no one would be happy." His mom and mine all agreed!


We wanted to express our heartfelt gratitude to Rev. Roper for such a neat service and on such a short notice. We had called a number of ministers about doing our wedding and they were either out of our meager price range or would not perform the ceremony because neither one of us was overly religious. That should be our choice, not others to make. Rev. Roper was very understanding and made our ceremony so very enjoyable. Thank you!


Rev. Buster was such a delight to work with. He was very capable and handled our ceremony with such ease what with my wife being hearing impaired. We wanted to say thank you so very much for the kindness and consideration you showed by being understanding and so helpful. We realize that is part of the duties of a Minister but we simply felt you were super. God Bless.


We just want to thank Rev. Roper for our beautiful ceremony he held for us. He is an amazing man that made me as a bride feel comfortable and at ease. He made us laugh. He found the site for us to get married by the lake which was a beautiful place. He kept the mood light and he explained everything to where we understood and did not rush us at all during our ceremony. I would recommend him for any wedding. God bless you Rev. Roper always. See you again.


Rev. Roper, we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for a job well done. We were very pleased with the way our wedding went and it was not with out a lot help from you. We were stumbling around not really getting anywhere until we asked you to recommend a wedding planner and that you did and she came through with flying colors as you indicated that she would. Please keep in touch with us as you promised.


Just a note to say how much we appreciated the services of Rev. Buster. He was very hands on and was very helpful in the planning of our wedding ceremony. He knew of a great Wedding planner that would work with our budget. The entire ceremony was terrific and his fees were very reasonable. Please accept our thanks, Rev. Buster, for all your time and effort in order that our wedding ceremony was absolutely perfect.


Rev. Buster, your attention and the manner in which you conducted our wedding ceremony was absolutely the best. The weather was a little cloudy but the atmosphere was great and everything went so smoothly. Even when I got so tongue tied that I could not remember my vows, you very quietly guided me through it and everyone laughed as they thought we had set it up in that manner. We would recommend you to anyone and your fee was very affordable.


Rev. Roper, Just a short note to say thank you for your service and all of the work that you did for us in making our wedding day a wonderful event and such a precious time to remember. Not only did we have a beautiful day, but your words of encouragement were so heartfelt. We both so felt so moved by your words about marriage not being a game of who is right or wrong but instead a joint working relationship of love. Thank you!


What a wonderful day to be married on. We selected Rev. Buster to officiate over our wedding after meeting with him in a big rain storm. He showed up and was very understanding of the type of ceremony we wanted. We told him we would write our vows but with being a full time student I did not get that done. We emailed Rev. Buster and he said not to worry he would create a set of vows for us. Thank you, Rev. Buster.


We would like to thank Rev. Roper for a job well done -- his service was excellent all the way through. From beginning until the ceremony he was very tuned in to our needs and questions. He always provided answers very quickly and was always so pleasant and understanding as time drew near and we so sure we had forgotten something. Tracy and I would highly recommend Rev. Buster to anyone seeking a great minister for their wedding. God Bless Rev. Buster.


Rev. Roper, we wanted to take short moment to say thank you again for agreeing to officiate over our wedding. Even when things went wrong, you were very understanding and were very understanding when some of our guests were late. The vows so fit what as to we were wanting to say to each other before our parents and witnesses. We will be telling all our friends about you. Have a blessed day.


What a beautiful day it was for our ceremony on Easter morning. We had a sunrise service at Smithville Lake and it was absolutely beautiful. Rev. Buster was kind in getting up early with us to have our ceremony just as the sun was rising. The ceremony was so sweet and the Scriptures that he had picked out for us along with our vows made it a wonderful day. Rev. Buster, if I could give you a hug everyday I would. My husband and I both thank you.


Thank you is so small in comparison to the time that you spent working on our wedding and the successful outcome. Rev. Buster did an outstanding job when I was trying to marry my husband who was incarcerated. He went the extra mile in working with the officials at the DOC to help us realize our dreams and now shortly he will be released and we will be a complete family. God Bless you Rev. Buster for a job well done. We will keep in touch.


Just a short note to say thank you Rev. Buster for a job well done and for the kindness and concern you took in helping us prepare for the ceremony. We would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone and, In fact, we heard that some friends of ours have arranged for you to officiate over their ceremonies in the next few weeks.


Rev. Buster, we could not have selected a Pastor more suited to our temperament to officiate at our wedding. Sir, throughout the entire time when I was being so difficult during the planning and at the rehearsal when I got annoyed, not because of you but others, as I am such a on time person and others were late, you kept it altogether for us. Thank you again so very much Rev. Roper and in our years ahead we will remember the advice that you gave us. God Bless.


Rev. Buster, thank you so very much for the extra time you spent in helping us achieve the ceremony we were so wanting. Throughout the entire process leading up to the day of our wedding, you were so understanding and took great pains to explain and answer all of the questions I had. Please keep our marriage in your prayers and thoughts.


Thank you so much Rev. Roper for helping Steven and I get married through Missouri Department of Corrections! It wasn't easy considering I live in the state of Arizona but thanks to you it happened. Now my husband will be home with me in September. I am a very blessed, happy and grateful lady. God bless you and I'm looking forward to taking you out to Texas Roadhouse in May! See you then.


Just a short note to say how much we enjoyed working with your church for our wedding today. What beautiful day it turned out to be and the spot you chose for us with the covered bridge back drop was absolutely the best. Thank you Rev. Roper and all your staff there at your church for helping us realize what we had so wanted -- a wonderful day for our wedding and the tremendous job that you and your staff did for us. God Bless.


We called Rev. Buster last night about the possibility of having him officiate over our wedding today. He agreed and within the hour had put together a set of vows for us that were suited for us as if he had known our thoughts and hopes. We not only had a wonderful ceremony but what a beautiful day for it as well. We had our ceremony on Smithville Lake and the entire ceremony was so neat and so meaningful. Thank you Rev. Buster.


We would like to tell anyone and everyone if you are planning a wedding, by all means look no further than Rev. Roper. His attention and sincerity was unsurpassed. We had looked for the what we felt the Minister who was so suited for us and when we found Rev. Roper we knew he was very forth with and helpful, not only with the preparation of our vows but in all aspects of our wedding. Thank you Rev. Roper for a job well done.


Rev. Roper was very thoughtful and very warm during the whole process of helping us prepare the vows we wanted for our ceremony. He was never more than a phone call away when we had questions or concerns. Thank you Rev. Roper for a job well done. God Bless you and we will be telling all our friends about you as well.


We contacted Rev. Roper early in the day as we wanted to be married that same day, and after talking with him we agreed he was who we wanted to perform our wedding. We gave him our names and the address later in the day after we had secured our marriage license. We agreed that he would meet us there at 7:00 P. M. and we were late. Then we told him we wanted to do it outside by car light and he took it all in stride and we had a terrific wedding!


We are so grateful for Rev. Buster. We contacted him asked him to officiate at our wedding all went well up until the last day. We agreed that we were going to come him for our ceremony and when we arrived we had left our license laying on the table at home. To our surprise Rev. Buster said, "well if it will make it any easier for you, I can follow you to your home and we can perform the ceremony there." We are grateful and thank you.


We wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for making our wedding such a success. We wanted an outside ceremony on the day when it was snowing, as we really enjoy the cold and the snow. We had contacted a number of Ministers and they were not interested in doing an outdoor ceremony while it was snowing. When we called you, you readily agreed and your staff at no extra cost helped us make it a tremendous success. Thank you again, Rev Buster.


Rev. Roper, today was a snowy day and when we called you and said that we wanted to be married today in the midst of the snowstorm, you did not hesitate. What a wonderful ceremony it was -- snow and all! This took great dedication on your part to do that for us. Not only was it cold and blowing snow, but Rev. Buster, you did a marvelous job, and we were so taken by your humor. Please accept our thanks and eternal gratitude.


Rev. Buster, We want to say thank you for making our wedding day a time we will remember forever. What a neat surprise prior to your pronouncing us man and wife when you paused and asked if anyone had any objections? To my surprise my coworkers and soon-to-be mother in law had arranged with you, the entire staff of coworkers rose and said we do not object to you getting married but that you will be leaving us. What a neat surprise!


Rev. Roper, thought provoking and funny - that would be you. Thank you so much for the personal vows that you created for us. They were so us and what we wished to convey to those in attendance at our wedding. This day was so complete with the nice weather that allowed us to be outside and to have you there to officiate over our wedding. We will think of you often and, as we promised, we will keep in touch and tell all we know about you. God Bless.


Just a short note to say how grateful we felt today after you officiated over our ceremony. You scheduled us as a last minute plea when the minister that was supposed to marry us called and said that he was not going to be able to make it. So it was 24 hrs from when we called you until the wedding. You said that you could and would make time for us. What a tremendous ceremony it was!


Rev. Buster, what can I say but simply you made our wedding such a delight. When my fiance and I both forgot our vows, you so quietly reminded us and no one ever knew the difference. The entire ceremony was just as we had hoped it would be and even when my little nephew came running up and wanted me to pick him up, you went on and made it appear that this was all part of the ceremony and everyone laughed and thought that it was absolutely so neat.


Rev. Buster, thank you so much for the wonderful sunrise ceremony today. We so wanted to tell you how much we appreciated you and your willingness to brave the cold so that we could have our ceremony as we had so planned. We can't begin to tell you how much we appreciated you and the ceremony and vows that you crafted for us. Please be assured we will be telling all our friends about you and please do keep in touch and stay warm. Much love.


Rev. Buster Roper, We feel that when we decided to have you officiate at our wedding we found the right person for the job and at the same time have found a friend. Truly sir, you went the extra step in ensuring that the wedding was a memorable event. The vows that you so neatly crafted for us were excellent and this was all a part of your normal service and your fee was very affordable. In the time leading up to our big day, you were with us each step of the way, no more than a phone call away.


We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you, Rev. Buster, for the outpouring of support and care that you took for our wedding. Then when we turned to you with our concerns for a small family that was not able to afford Christmas for their children, you and your Church came through and we are all so blessed for your help and kindness. We continue to tell people we know that are thinking of getting married to call you. Thank you!


I contacted Rev. Roper about officiating our wedding and he was very through and detail oriented. He made our day a special day and he kept the secret that they had planned a little surprise during the ceremony. Just prior to his pronouncing us husband and wife he stopped and said that there was one item that had to be done prior to his pronouncing us husband and wife. They had gotten me an old fashioned rolling pin and the entire wedding party got a huge laugh out of it as did my husband.


Rev. Roper, not only were we correct in our judgement to ask you to officiate at our wedding, but in doing so we feel that we have gained a friend and a Pastor who is there for us. We told you that we would keep in contact with you and we will. We were so taken by the words of advice you gave us, "Marriage is not a game of who's right or wrong, but a working relationship where there has to be give and take on both sides."


Words are not enough to say thank you, Rev. Buster, for the memorable ceremony that we had on Monday. From start to finish you were there. The vows that your wife crafted for us were the absolute best. Through our entire getting prepared for the wedding you were never more than a phone call away. The extra mile you went to picking up marriage license, as we both worked, thus saving us time and money. To say "thank you" is the least we can do.


WOW! Thank you Rev. Buster, for an outstanding and delightful wedding ceremony. When we forgot vows, he so quietly coached us and only those in the very near vicinity knew. Throughout the entire ceremony, he was very understanding and guided us and along. His fee was very reasonable and his officiating of our ceremony was the very best. We will recommend him to all our friends. Thank you, Rev. Buster, for making our marriage a memorable one.


I contacted Rev. Buster with an unusual request. My fiance was in the hospital and was suffering from terminal cancer. We had made plans to be married early next year and upon talking with our Pastor, he declined to do the ceremony. We felt that why should we not as we were to be wed in the spring. Rev. Buster made the whole thing an absolute joy. Rev. Buster, Thank you for such a wonderful ceremony. I am so thankful for all your support and help.


Reverend Roper and his wife are super people! We wanted a fun service and they put together exactly what we asked for. He believes that a wedding should be a joyous occasion and that shines through! The service was great and he handled our request to remember those who have passed on in a beautiful way. Thank you to the Ropers for your friendship and for being such a big part of our special day.


I contacted Rev. Roper when I was searching for a minister to conduct our wedding. Rev. Buster was very thorough and asked key questions to determine what we wanted and crafted our vows for us then emailed them for our approval. They were right on as to what we wanted to say to our family and friends and to each other. Not only did he do a terrific job, but was very understanding with us when we were all late. We will be telling our friends to call him.


My husband contacted Rev. Roper on a very short notice and told him that a personal friend of ours recommended him. When asked if he could officiate at our ceremony, he asked what time and where? We told him 6 P.M. Topeka, KS at some friends' home. He said yes and asked a few questions as to what we were looking for in our vows. When he arrived on time the ceremony went off with out a hitch and was just as we wanted. Thank you, Rev. Roper.


Rev. Roper was recommended to us by some friends that had attended a wedding that he had performed and was very impressed with him. We found him witty and very easy to work with. He guided us through the wording on our vows and the entire ceremony was just so neat! We will be telling everyone about him. Thank you, Rev. Buster, for making our day so complete.


We contacted Rev. Roper after speaking to several different ministers about our upcoming marriage. We explained to him that we had both previously been married and were turned down by others due to this. He spoke with us jointly and one on one. He was satisfied as any anyone can be that we would both work at this marriage. Thank you, Rev. Buster.


We found Rev. Roper a delight to work with and he was a delightful and very charming individual. His humor was very rustic and reminded us so much of our grandparents. He was very efficient and made us feel that our wedding was of the utmost importance to him. In our dealings with him, he went to great lengths to help us feel at ease. Rev. Buster, we will be keeping in touch with you.


I wish to say thank you Rev. Roper. Throughout the whole process of my arranging through the Dept. of Corrections, never once did you shy away from the issues that I faced in getting married while incarcerated. Throughout the many months and phone calls from me concerning the marriage. The one person besides my God that was there was you and my wedding was a success and I am so blessed by your effort and by the Grace of God. God Bless you Rev. Roper.


Rev. Buster is fun and funny, easy to work with, and did whatever possible to make our wedding exactly like we wanted. The vows were put together especially for us and not what everyone else does. Thank you, Rev Roper, for doing our ceremony.


I would highly recommend Rev. Roper to do your ceremony. He's easy to talk with and does whatever possible to make your wedding "YOUR" day. He and his wife put together our vows and even when we threw him a "curve ball" at the last minute, he fell right in stride and went with it. He's the best! Thank you.


Rev. Roper came through for us in grand style. He did a super job and went beyond what we asked from him. At the last minute, we decided that we wanted a sound system so that the guests could hear the ceremony. He not only provided it, but he did not charge any extra cost to us, and he had to set the sound system up and then take it down after the wedding was over. I felt ashamed, after the fact, that none of us offered to help him as it was extremely hot out last Saturday.


I was so happy that my husband and I decided to use the services of Rev. Buster for our ceremony. It was a bit hectic but he went on just as if it was all planned that way. We changed things up on him at the last minute and he carried on just as if it had all been preplanned and not sprung on him at the last minute. My husband I would recommend him to anyone seeking a laid back Minister to perform their wedding. Thank you again, Rev. Buster.


I wish to say thank you to Rev. Roper. He came through for us and our wedding ceremony was just what we had hoped for. Rev. Roper was so supportive and worked so hard to ensure that our ceremony went as we wanted even when I flubbed when repeating my vows. He made me feel so at ease. He covered up by making a joke on the spur of the moment, which made everyone laugh and they thought it was all part of the ceremony.


I must say, not only did Rev. Roper make my day a tremendous success, he was there throughout the entire planning of our wedding offering helpful suggestions and a shoulder to lean on when the planning seemed overwhelming at times. I do not think I could have picked anyone more suited for such a wonderful occasion. He was there even when times got delayed as we were waiting on wedding guests to arrive. Thank you Rev. Roper for such a wonderful ceremony.


I recently contacted Rev. Roper at the suggestion of a friend. Halley told me that he had officiated over her wedding and was not only very professional but made her fiance feel as if they had known him for years. I would highly recommend his services and as he told us up front there were no hidden fees. Rev. Buster we both love you and are so grateful that God put you in our lives.


I contacted Rev. Roper on short notice and asked if he was available to perform our wedding at Penn Valley Park at 4:00 P.M. He said it would be no problem. My fiance was getting deployed the next day and we decided go ahead with the wedding rather than wait. Not only did he provide us with a wonderful ceremony, but he gave us the same consideration as if we had planned this wedding for months. Thank you again, Rev. Roper.


Rev. Roper came through for us and provided the type of ceremony we were hoping for. Throughout the entire process, and leading up our wedding, he was very hands on keeping in touch. He was always there when we had a question. When I goofed up on the vows when asked to repeat after Rev. Roper, because I was nervous, he very quietly reassured me. Our wedding was a tremendous success. Thank you again for all your kindness, time, and attention you gave to our ceremony.


Thank you for doing our ceremony. It was wonderful. We loved it and it was what we wanted. Thank you so much again for sharing a special day with us.


I contacted Rev. Buster early on in hopes that he would be able to perform my wedding. I was having difficulty as my fiance was incarcerated and the D.O.C. required a separate 3 hour premarital counseling prior to setting a date for the ceremony. I found Rev. Buster and he was a delight to work with and gave our wedding the same individual attention that one would expect from a minister performing a wedding outside.


I contacted Rev. Roper a month prior to my wedding date and then changed it several times as I was not able to get the cooperation from those that I wanted to be there. Through the entire process Rev. Roper was very understanding. He offered suggestions for alternative places to have my wedding. But through it all, Rev. Roper was a shoulder that I could lean on and my wedding turned out to be very wonderful event. Thanks so much Rev. Roper.


Thank you to this site for finding me the best reverend to do our wedding. Not only was Rev. Roper an awesome person but his wife is an absolute pleasure. He contacted us almost immediately and we talked over the phone and set up a meeting to plan our ceremony. He was fun and very efficient. We had a beautiful ceremony that was customized to fit our wants and the delivery of the words were perfect to a tee. I have to say on a side note the fee that was charged was way below the quality of the work. We wanted a Christian wedding and that is what we had. We thank you Rev. Roper for being a blessed part of our happy day. I would recommend his services to anyone wanting a beautiful, friendly service. Much love.


I called Rev. Roper like two weeks prior to our wedding as the minister we had selected bailed out on us at the last minute. I had a friend who knew of Rev. Roper and suggested that I call him. I did and he not only was he able to accommodate us but was very pleasant and worked very diligently to ensure that our wedding went smoothly. And it was, if possible, even more memorable as Rev. Roper was an absolute hoot and fun to work with. My husband John and I would recommend him to anyone without a moment's hesitation. Thanks again to him for a terrific job and for being so understanding when we were so stressed due to the minister we had selected dumping us on such short notice.


We contacted Rev. Buster on short notice, about a week before we wanted to get married. He was great. He took the time to give us some options concerning our vows. He's very thorough, kind, fun and made us all feel comfortable.


Rev. Buster is easy to work with and makes everyone feel comfortable. He worked very closely with us to be sure he understood the type of ceremony we wanted. This wedding was in Krug Park and we ran all over the place to find the perfect place. Rev. Buster was right there with us.


Buster prformed our wedding on August 19, 2012. He was concerned about making certain we had the ceremony we wanted and gave us several options to choose from. Our concern was the heat because the ceremony was held outside, so we asked that it be short. Buster performed it in record time, but maintained the sentiment and beauty we hoped for. Thank you, Buster!


Rev. Buster was a absolute delight to work with he went beyond the call of duty he followed through on each deatil and kept me informed through the entire process prior to my wedding day. Picked up our marriage License and went over our the vows with us to help us say what my fiance wanted to say to all that were in attendence for our wedding. Not only did he accomplish that but took the time to be available each time I called with a question and his fees were low actually for the quality of service and personal attention we received.


Rev. Buster was great before and during the ceremony, talked to me alot to make sure exactly what we wanted. Thank you so much for doing the ceremony for us!


Excellent. Made our ceremony such a delight. Rev. Buster was such a delight to work with and very hands on and understanding the whole process -- even when we misplaced the wedding rings.


Rev. Buster came to our home and took the time to understand what we were wanting in the way of a wedding ceremony. He was even understanding when at the last minute things got behind and he had to wait on us to finish. His fee was very reasonable and he really made us feel special. Thank you.

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