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Dream Makers Weddings

Galesburg, IL

(309) 335-6480

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What can I say other than Darrell is simply wonderful! Our wedding plans were blown to pieces with the news that John was going to be deployed to Afghanistan 4 months earlier than planned and we had to put a wedding together in 2 weeks. Darrell helped us pull it off and the wedding was simply beautiful. He is amazing and you will love working with him!


My husband and I are both from Chicago but wanted to be married at Walnut Grove Farm. Not knowing anything about or knowing anyone in the Galesburg area, we relied heavily on Darrell in making our wedding plans, finding a caterer, making motel reservations for our guest traveling in from Chicago, finding a deejay and on and on. Darrell was simply marvelous as he put us in contact with all the right people to make our wedding everything I have always dreamed of. When problems arose the day of the wedding, he knew exactly what to do to help us and our wedding turned out absolutely beautiful. Darrell is just awesome to work with and I highly recommend him to anyone to make your wedding complete.


My husband and I are extremely happy with the way our ceremony turned out! We couldn't have asked for a better pastor! Pastor Darrell Garrett is very professional and was very respectful of our wishes. He remained in close contact in the weeks before the ceremony, finalizing every detail. There were several different ceremonies for us to choose from, and we are very pleased with the way everything turned out. It was a beautiful ceremony that we will remember fondly in the years to come. Tabitha M.


From the very beginning with the first meeting with Pastor Darrell, Dave and I felt completely comfortable. Pastor Darrell was very helpful in guiding us through the "marriage" process. He very graciously allowed us to write our own vows (from beginning to end) and followed the script we had written for him - this was very important to both of us as our vows were very personal and uniquely designed for us as a couple and for our blended family unit. Pastor Darrell was available via phone call or e-mail for any questions or concerns we might have. He offered helpful suggestions and guidance throughout the process. Just prior to the service, he and his wife were very supportive as we frantically were pulling together the last bits and pieces at the last minute. When the maid of honor didn't arrive on time to help with the last minute preparations for the garden luncheon that followed the ceremony, both Pastor Darrell and his wife pitched in and assisted. The ceremony was beautiful and Pastor Darrell was perfect in his role as our wedding officiant. Through our wedding, I am honored to say that Pastor Darrell and his wife have remained friends of mine and Dave's. He is definitely a blessing to any who might choose to engage his wedding officiant services.

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