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Salt Lake City, UT
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Connie was a perfect match for us. She is very easy to work with and extremely understanding. We had a very unique wedding and she was more than willing to accommodate things for us, in fact, she was excited about our unique ways. Connie even dressed up for the theme of our wedding and performed it for us in a foot of snow! The part of the ceremony she wrote was lovely and heart felt. It was very beautiful. She is an honest and lovely person and I'm glad we had her officiate our wedding.


We couldn't have asked for anyone else. Connie was so open minded and willing to make our ceremony about us. If you love traditional, modern, or unique ceremonies then Connie is the officiant for you. We are truly grateful we found her.


Rev. Connie is not only kind-hearted, she was a great collaborator for our wedding. We had ideas we presented to her, and with her professionalism and insight, she gave a very inspired wedding, which included a "handfasting" ceremony. Our family and friends were also touched. I would happily recommend her to other couples looking for a personalized experience. Many thanks Connie!


Connie was amazing. She tailored the ceremony to our personal preferences and ideals, including some little things that we thought were really important, especially since our wedding had some unconventional flares. I highly recommend her services. Not only is she reliable, flexible and timely, she donates a portion of her service fee to a charity of your choice. Her ability to deliver what you want is what she is good at. Thank you!


Words won't even begin to express the gratitude we have for Rev Connie Anast. I was overwhelmed with joy at the personalized ceremony she crafted for us and included our 8 year old daughter as a special moment for our guests to witness. This was a celebration of ten years and I am blessed and grateful Rev Connie was a part of it. Thank you Connie for everything!


Rev. Connie was so wonderful to work with. She met with us to find out what was important to us for our ceremony and wrote our ceremony for us it was perfect. We had a few little personal touches added in that she gladly accommodated for us. Rev. Connie also helped to keep our ceremony from becoming a disaster. We had previously booked a location that happened to be closed the day of our wedding and no one told us! Rev. Connie was the first person to call us and guaranteed that she would go wherever we needed her to go and helped my stress level stay very low. Rev. Connie made our ceremony memorable and very special.


Rev. Connie made us feel more than comfortable. She listened and asked the right questions in order to gain a real understanding of our needs and vision. She was attentive to our needs and was able to deliver a flawless ceremony involving not only us, but our guests as well. We could not be more pleased. I was not expecting such a personal touch to the ceremony but Reverend Connie more than delivered and made our day very special. Rev. Connie truly understood our purpose and tailored such a beautiful, emotional and heart felt ceremony just for US! There was not a dry eye in the congregation. Everyone commented on the vows we had for our daughter. They thought it was a special moment for the three of us and I have already had several friends ask where and how we found her because they were so impressed with how personal our ceremony was, like she knew us for years.


Rev Connie was wonderful and we couldn't have asked for anything better. It was absolutely beautiful and it was like she has known us our entire life with the information she used to make our day special.


I loved working with Rev. Connie! She gave us a bunch of papers on wedding ceremonies and later about a month before the wedding met with us and we planned a wonderful ceremony. She really got to know all of us. Rev. Connie then wrote from her heart a lovely ceremony that she had us read over. We loved it so much that we didn't change a thing. She was very professional. We all laughed and cried a little. She came early to take with the owner of our building and they arranged when to start and stop our music. I would recommend Rev. Connie for sure!


Connie did an excellent job with our ceremony. It was great meeting with her, and she understood exactly what we wanted. We had a beautiful custom ceremony that included all our friends and family. Thank you!


Connie was friendly with my family and very open to any ideas I had in mind regarding the ceremony, for example allowing my niece and nephews part take in the exchanging of rings, etc. They thought it was beautiful, and loved how the kids were a part of it. Thanks again Connie!


Connie just has a way about her that makes things easy. Almost all of my guests loved the hand-fasting ceremony we chose, no one had ever seen it before and Connie was so sincere in her comments. Another thing I received a lot of compliments on was her mention of the guests that could not be there with us and the moment of silence we had in honor of our parents, both of my parents are deceased and David’s mom is too. It conveyed a feeling of calm about them not being there but didn’t make the remaining time during the ceremony melancholy in any way. She is so respectful and wonderful! We love Connie!


Rev. Connie is marvelous. From the second I heard her voice on the phone I knew she was going to be incredible. With less than two days notice she created a delicate, personal, beautiful, eloquent and intuitive ceremony. She was prompt and commanding, insightful and understanding. I couldn’t have been more pleased.


Connie was AWESOME! From the first time we met, we knew she was the one for us on our special day. Since my wife and I come from different religious backgrounds, Connie presented us with many different ceremony variations to incorporate both of our beliefs. Words can't express how much we valued her opinions and her professionalism through all of this.


The day of my wedding was really chaotic and it ended up starting an hour late. Connie wasn't bothered that it started late and she made a beautiful ceremony that included my son as well. It really meant a lot to me that Connie was able to become my officiant on such short notice as well. I asked her to be a part of my wedding less than a week before the ceremony. Connie, thank you so much for everything that you did and I loved having you at my wedding.


Rev. Connie was amazing in every way. I had asked around for a minister, and most of them were trying to charge $300 or more for my wedding ceremony when they heard I lived in Sandy. We ended up doing our wedding last minute in my mom's backyard since my fiance (now hubby) was deploying back to Afghanistan. I know she was very busy when we called her, but she made it all possible with a week's notice and didn't make us feel like we were just a number. You could just tell she cared. Other ministers were vague in their pricing and offered us 15% discounts and all sorts of other stuff if we jumped through hoops and liked them on Facebook and all that. Rev. Connie just said "I'll be there". Rev. Connie made us feel 100% comfortable and offered us a huge discount since my husband is active military. I don't think she charged us enough, honestly. The ceremony she wrote was so beautiful and touching everyone was smiling and crying at the same time! She was calm and poised which was important since we have all been jittery about my husband's deployment. She has a great speaking voice, too. It was everything we wanted. Rev. Connie took our license to the Court house to get it stamped and returned it back to us personally so he could put the paperwork in for military housing for me asap. She even bought us an extra copy so we would have three and his CO could keep one. Talk about service! You will not regret choosing Rev. Connie for your wedding! I highly recommend her to everyone! Thank you, Rev. Connie for making my dreams come true!


Connie was AWESOME! From the first time we met, we knew she was the one for us on our special day. Since my wife and I come from different religious backgrounds, Connie presented us with many different ceremony variations to incorporate both of our beliefs. Words can't express how much we valued her opinions and her professionalism through all of this.


Connie was perfect and so nice from the minute we met with her, Sean and I will always be thankful for the beautiful job she did at our wedding and the sand ceremony that we were able to include our children in. It was perfect.


Our primary goal was that of renewal as we were officially wed in 2002. We had a deep desire to create a spiritually meaning ceremony because we did not have that the first time around. We also wanted our 3 children included in the ceremony. We wanted to be bound as a family. Rev. Connie helped us be comfortable in asking for what we wanted and getting it done. We added a Sand ceremony to the end of it and included our children into the whole thing so they felt bonded to us in a spiritually meaningful and uplifting way. It was beautiful and powerful. Rev. Connie, Thank you, thank you, thank you. I dont think we can say it enough. It was beautiful and powerful and its what we desired fully. So from the bottom of our hearts and souls... thank you!


From the first meeting, Rev. Connie Anast was so friendly and gave us so many ideas that we not only felt comfortable but even more excited about the ceremony. We decided she was the perfect one after just a couple of minutes. At the ceremony, she made us and everyone there feel comfortable! Rev. Connie brought such a positive and happy energy that everyone felt the love and happiness from the very start. I didn't even realize how much you can personalize a wedding ceremony until I talked to Rev. Connie. She let us choose from lots of different poems, vows, etc. or even let us choose our own and write our own vows. One of my guests said, "Wow! How did you find her? She was so great!"


Connie Anast is the best! She is very personable. She took great efforts to make sure that everything we needed was taken care of. She offered to dress along with our theme and also helped with the handing out of the cake. We had a Western themed wedding and Connie fit right in! She was wonderful!


Rev. Connie Anast is Amazing! The first time my husband and I met Rev. Anast we were immediately comfortable. She was always easy to talk to, warm and welcoming. I love the fact that Rev. Anast writes a custom ceremony specifically for the couple. No ceremony is the same as another. I was sent emails of rough drafts and asked what I did and did not like, if there were any special versus I wanted to personally add into the ceremony etc. Rev. Anast also came to the rescue when my husbands ring did not arrive in time for the wedding by letting us borrow one she had. It was nice because it was one less thing I had to stress about! My husband and I decided to have a non-denominational wedding and a sand ceremony to unite us as a couple. We wrote our own vows and Rev. Anast sent me about 20 different sand ceremonies that we could possibly use during the wedding. Before I left the reception hall my grandfather pulled me asaid and said "This is different from any wedding I've ever been to and it was beautiful".


Connie Anast was awesome! Rev. Connie Anast made us feel comfortable from day one. She was awesome to work with. She wrote a custom ceremony that was just for us. I have a son and she incorporated him into the ceremony. Most people at the wedding commented how amazing and unique the ceremony was. We did a rose ceremony and had my son involved. Guests loved the ceremony Connie had written. Everyone loved how it wasn't your typical wedding.


Rev. Connie Anast is the best! She was very accommodating to our every little whim! She is such a caring individual, she felt like part of the family! At the end Rev. Connie had a beautiful speech that really touched our hearts. We threw in the rose ceremony, the sand ceremony, and the candle ceremony because we had special meanings for each one. My father shouted, "About damn time!" when we had the toast. It took us 7 years together to get married so I think he was a little impatient, but it was classic!


The Rev. Connie Anast is amazing. She made everyone at our ceremony/wedding comfortable. The way she presents herself is like no other person. She is caring, warm & very considerate. We love the way she made us feel, so at peace. The way she made everyone feel; Her presence & the way she carries herself made everyone feel welcome & really brought our families together. She pays attention to what needs to happen at any given moment & she will do what it takes to make sure everything goes right. She also made us a beautiful keepsake wedding license that we love! She is amazing in every way! Our ceremony was personalized from start to finish. It was completely customized & written for us and it was perfect! We will never forget how beautiful & perfect it was! Everyone that I have spoken to about the wedding has commented on what an amazing officiant, speaker & person that Connie is. They all said that they have never seen such a customized & well put together ceremony. I can guarantee that she will be requested to do many weddings in my family!


Connie made us very comfortable. She helped walk us through the whole process since we really had no clue as to what we were doing or what was needed in a good officiant. She got to know us and our love of nature and being outdoors and incorporated that into our ceremony How did you personalize your wedding ceremony? She talked with us through the whole process. We were torn between a hand blessing and a handfasting and so she wrote up the separate ceremonies and let us pick which one fit us better. She also got to know us as people and our likes and dislikes and tried to incorporate that into our ceremony. We decided to go with the handfasting and everyone of our guests said that it was unique and fascinating as well as gorgeous and moving. Connie is amazing! Highly recommended!


We had a Celtic Handfasting. Reverend Connie made us very comfortable. She made sure to answer all of our questions and address our concerns. She did not pressure us to use her during our initial meeting, and was friendly and sincere. Reverend Connie was swept up in the happy emotions of the day and we were surprised to see a tear in her eye. It was refreshing that even though she has preformed so many wedding ceremonies, she still was still moved by the beauty of mine. We included the names of our children and that we had their blessing to marry. My friend Linda said that she had never seen anything like it before and that it was so beautiful and unexpected.


A very personal ceremony! Connie was fantastic. She was personable, caring, funny, outgoing, and the fact she truly cared about the ceremony was evident. She added a tribute to my son and daughter in law's favorite Grandfathers, who had passed away. This was my son's wedding. Connie met with my son and his fiancee to find out how they met, what their likes and dislikes were; she truly strived to find out who they were so she could write their ceremony accordingly. The fact Connie truly cared was evident in the ceremony. I had several friends ask me for her contact information for their children's weddings.


Perfect! From our very first meeting with her, emails and the ceremony, she answered all our questions and was so personable. Her attitude is very soothing during the stressful time of planning a wedding. I did not have to worry about sending in the paperwork for our license. She took care of all that for me so I could enjoy my honeymoon. She chattted with all the guests and fit right in with both our families. Our ceremony was written just for us. We wanted our children to be a part of our wedding and Connie added them with her beautiful words. She also suggested a sand ceremony, where we all added our favorite color of sand to a vase. I now have something to display and share for our combined families. Everyone agreed the sand cermony was beautiful and touching.


Rev. Connie was absolutely perfect! I cannot say enough about her! We interviewed a few ministers, but Rev. Connie's beautiful style and joy was obvious from the start. We didn't know what we wanted but she guided us through many different choices and options to make our wedding exactly what we wanted. We were impressed with how many weddings she's done and her vast knowledge of customs and traditions. We were surprised how very affordable her services were and she donated to a charity very close to my husband's heart, Autism Speaks. He has a nephew with autism. I was a bundle of nerves until Rev. Connie arrived at my reception center. She calmed me down with her sweet smile and kept everyone happy and calm around me. She really grounded the whole ceremony and brought such light to our day. She was happy to be there! She greeted my family warmly, my mom really felt at ease with her and they talked for a while at the reception. My whole family fell in love with Rev. Connie! Everyone remarked at how different and beautiful my ceremony was and that is was one to remember. We are so lucky we chose Rev. Connie and will refer her to all my friends and family.


Reverend Connie went out of her way to make not just the bride and groom, but myself as mother of the bride and all of the family throughout the planning, the ceremony, and party afterwords. She is so naturally warm and welcoming, she had a 'calming' effect during those crucial moments just before the ceremony. Reverend Connie reached out to all of us, making everyone feel included, listening carefully to our ideas and thoughts and adding her experience and insight as needed. She came to the event early, stayed throughout the afternoon, spent some extra time looking over the venue, helping us to organize some last minute details and then, when everything was ready she was very much, the 'officiant', by the way she carries herself, speaks, and prepares, she let everyone know that it was now time to quiet down, focus on the couple and help make this 'their' moment. She also acknowledged my new son-in-laws service to his country, recognizing that he had just returned from active duty and offering a discount in honor of his service! No one else offered this, and she did so with such a generous and genuine way. Reverend Connie met with the bride and groom and spent two hours talking to them, getting to know them, learning about the courtship, the uniqueness of how their relationship had developed and what they were interested in, not just for the wedding, but for their lives together going forward. She is very interested in making the ceremony personalized, special, and meaningful, and ultimately that is exactly what she did. I really appreciated how she began the ceremony as she acknowledged the presence of those loved ones who re present and those who were not, and most importantly, those who were with us in spirit only. It was a tender moment. She drew everyone into the moment, with her words and with her presence. There were many comments on the ceremony, particularly the way in which it was performed, Rev. Connies' professionalism, preparation, and creativity were all commented on. The way she brought a lightness and humor at moments was something I heard about several times. Making the nervousness of the Groom and the shaking voice of the Bride something not to be ignored or embarrassed about, but something warm, real, spontaneous and a good place for a little giggle shared by everyone there became something that will always be a happy memory Perfect timing, great speaking voice, so very kind and professional.


My fiance (now husband) and I are from out of town, but I grew up in Utah, so I wanted to have the ceremony there. I put off finding a wedding officiant for the last thing because I wasn't really sure how to go about doing it, and that's when I stumbled across Connie's listing. I'm very glad I did. She was so accommodating to our needs! We were able to do absolutely everything over the internet, which was a big help to me. She wrote the most beautiful ceremony for us and then emailed a copy of it to me for my fiance and I to review. I thought that was such a great idea, because it listed everything for the ceremony out in detail, and also gave us a chance to make any little tweeks or changes, to help the ceremony fit us as a couple. She also gave us a lovely "keepsake" wedding license to display in our home. Connie asked us a variety of questions about us as a couple, and she wrote up a beautiful ceremony around the responses we had given. But then, about a week before the wedding, after she had already finalized the ceremony, I found a poem that really touched both my fiance and me, and we really wanted to include in the ceremony. I emailed it to Connie and she was able to change the ceremony for us, to make room for it. We were so happy! Everyone who commented to me thought the ceremony was amazing! By the end, both our parents (even our dads) were having a hard time keeping from crying. Her words touched all of us.


Connie is absolutely wonderful! From the very first email I sent her to the day of our wedding, Connie was a joy to work with. She is extremely friendly and down to earth. I am eternally grateful we chose her to officiate our wedding. When so many people in your life (family and friends) have an opinion on what your wedding should be like, she listened to what we wanted. Never once trying to push her ideas onto us. We gave her general ideas about what we wanted and she would ask probing questions so that she may understand us better and give us the ceremony we wanted. She also gave me a lot of ideas since I had no idea what I was doing in the beginning. I have been to weddings where the couple end up complaining that the officiant threw in something that they hadn't asked for. Connie's ONLY agenda is to ensure that the bride and groom are happy and getting exactly what they want. Our wedding was perfect and we have Connie to thank for it. We wanted a light hearted ceremony. Something that was sweet but also incorporated humor. We are a couple who loves to laugh and our guests expected nothing less from us. There were a few small jokes written into the ceremony and well as a touching moment where Connie read a poem I had found. It was just what we had imagined. Everyone loved that our ceremony had laughter and tears. It was exactly what everyone expected of us. Connie helped make that happen.


Connie was amazing, she did everything she could to make sure everyone felt comfortable at our wedding. She was friendly, warm and welcoming to everyone! We had accidentally told Connie the wrong time for our ceremony. Thankfully she showed up early which ended up being right on time! The ceremony was completely personalized from beginning to end, she custom wrote everything for us. My husband's grandmother said it was the loveliest ceremony she had ever attended. That means a lot from someone who has probably been to hundreds of weddings in her time! Thanks so much Connie for an amazing wedding!


Rev. Connie was very sweet and made both of us feel extremely comfortable and confident. She was present at the rehearsal, which allowed us to get an idea of how the wedding day would be. Rev. Connie personalized our ceremony to how we wanted it. We wanted short, sweet and simple. She did exactly that, but at the same time it was very intimate. In every picture we have of the ceremony, she is always smiling and looks excited to be there and excited to perform the service.


Connie met with us in advance to try to get to know us as a couple. She wanted to know the details of how we met and our story. She is very personable and easy to get along with. She customized our ceremony to be exactly what we wanted. At the end of our ceremony she let us do our "secret handshake". We added readings, vows, memorial candle and several other aspects that were just for us. Our guests LOVED the handfasting!


We called her with less than 48 hours notice, not only was she able to accommodate our request, she still managed to create a personal and beautiful ceremony. The entire ceremony was incredible. Connie suggested an additional piece that I was previously unfamiliar with. It ended up being one of the most touching moments of our service. My husband and I both had children from previous relationships. Including them in our ceremony was vital. Connie was quick to capture the love we had both for each other and the mutual respect and love that we had for each others family.

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