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Your Wedding Officiant

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Irwin, PA

(724) 989-4627

Updated 6 days ago

Your Wedding Officiant

  (39 reviews)

Top Reviewed

Irwin, PA

(724) 989-4627

Updated 6 days ago

We are Ordained Non-Denominational Wedding Officiants who specializes in making your Wedding Day reflective of your unique special love and commitment. We offer a variety of wedding ceremonies from civil to religious and we strive to personalize your ceremony to your desires, keeping it stress free. We have years of experience performing 100's of weddings. Serving PA., OH, WV, and MD. ALL couples seeking marriage are welcomed! Ask about "No Surprise" policy. Ceremonies start at $175.00.

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“Working with Your Wedding Officiant was a breeze. Their menu-style of options for our ceremony was really helpful in shaping what we wanted out of our ceremony. Minister Gigi did a great job of performing our ceremony. It ended up being very special and memorable. She did a wonderful job with the hand-fasting part of our ceremony, which really stands out to me. Overall, the folks at Your Wedding Officiant were wonderful to work with and helped play a big part in making our big day special.”

Michael Mora

“Rev. Wargo did an excellent job with our ceremony. We decided to use CITI ministries very last minute and had a very short time to plan. Rev. Wargo was helpful and understanding and made the process very simple. We had plenty of options to make the ceremony exactly what we wanted. Even with the very short planning period and our decision to forego a rehearsal, the ceremony was beautiful and went smoothly. I highly recommend him and his service.”


“Rev. Dennis was kind, funny, and professional. He was also incredibly PATIENT. We had a number of bumps and obsticals over the course of planning our special day and he would always check in to see how we were doing and make sure we were on track. We had a non-traditional ceremony and he was more than accommodating. Couldn't recommend him highly enough!”


“They were great in providing us many options to make the process more personalized. Our wedding was on a holiday weekend and they were willing and able to travel for a reasonable price.”

Stacy McQuiston

“My husband and I were very pleased with Rev. Dennis Wargo! He worked with us every step of the way and made the process so easy. The ceremony he put on was beautiful. It was everything we wanted.”

Gabrielle Kuster

“Rev. Dennis Wargo was the BEST choice to officiate our wedding. He made the planning process a breeze with his organization and efficiency. He also was responsive and helpful with all of our questions. He happily participated in the rehearsal and helped greatly in calming our nerves. On the day of, he made the ceremony touching and poignant. If you want a picture perfect ceremony without any planning hassle, I highly recommend selecting Rev. Dennis as your officiant.”

Susan E.

“We absolutely loved our wedding officiant Judith Shannon! She helped make our happily forever after day complete! We were able to design the whole ceremony!”

Cady Dutil

“Rev. Dennis was a pleasure to work with. He made the process super easy and understandable. He worked with us to create a custom ceremony and Minister Judy, who officiated our ceremony, was amazing as well.”

Nikki W

“Dennis was awesome! He kept in contact with us from the time we sent our first email until after the wedding! He made planning the ceremony super easy with all of his guides! Never had a problem with us wanting to change anything! We had Minister Judith (Judy) Shannon, B.S as our officiant on the day of wedding. She was there 45 minutes before the wedding to explain the ceremony to us.”

Bhavya Chaney

“We hired Rev. Dennis for our wedding and we were not disappointed! He was so laid back and easy to work with. He provided us with a wedding planning kit where we could specifically pick everything in our ceremony from our vows to the ceremony execution. We had a great experience and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for an officiant.”


“Rev. Dennis Wargo = perfect wedding officiant. Dennis was extremely responsive and professional. He helps every step of the way. Dennis truly customizes your ceremony so that it fits your style.”

Sarah Klesser

“Rev. Dennis was amazing! He is an extremely nice person and very helpful. His workbook guide made planning out the ceremony exactly how we wanted it to sound and feel so easy, and was very accommodating to our individual ideas. Definitely would recommend.”

Amber Tims

“For our wedding day we wanted a simple ceremony that wasn't too long or overly detailed. Reverend Dennis provides detailed to simple ceremonies. He provided us with a lot of options and ideas to choose from to personalize our wedding. If you want something different, he will do it. He responds back quickly. I highly recommend Rev. Dennis for your wedding ceremony needs!”


“Rev. Dennis was a huge help in making our wedding ceremony simple and about us. We wanted something small, intimate, non-denominational, and outdoors. We were able to have all of those things buy using his service. He was helpful and professional through the entire process. I would highly recommend using him if you want something that is tailored to you.”


“The process of working with Your Wedding Officiant was pretty smooth. We wanted the Trouble Free Ceremony and that is exactly what we got. If there were any questions, he was open to respond, but other than that there was no contact which made things trouble free. He is a very kind man and would be a good choice for your future wedding.”

The Paulos'

“Rev Dennis was great to work with. He customized our ceremony to be exactly what we wanted. He was both professional and friendly and made this part of wedding planning a breeze. He was always so prompt to respond and answered all of our questions throughout the process. Dennis provided us with a wedding ceremony planning guide and assisted us through the process of building a ceremony perfect for us. We had so many complements on our ceremony and would recommend him to all friends and family!”

Holly Garrigan

“Rev. Dennis performed our ceremony. It was perfect! We highly recommend his service. He is very professional & we loved creating our own ceremony. Thank you.”


“Reverend Wargo was so wonderful to work with for my ceremony, he made the process painless and meaningful for my husband and I. He was very flexible with any requests we had and everything was spelled out and easy to follow. All of my wedding guests were very pleased to witness our handfasting ceremony and the entire ceremony was beautiful and perfect and I have Reverend Wargo to thank for that.”

The Polaskis

“Rev. Wargo is extremely professional and kind, giving you the opportunity to make your ceremony as unique as you want. He drove almost 3 hrs to officiate our wedding and we were so happy with the way he worked with us and officiated the ceremony. We couldn't have asked for anything better. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others!”

Aimee H.

“I am not sure if I can express our happiness and satisfaction with choosing Rev. Dennis Wargo for our wedding. Rev. Wargo's professionalism, knowledge, communication and efficiency were above expectation. He had everything down and ready more than a month before the wedding, and his experience with making some minor suggestions made our day even more special. We couldn't be more pleased with our choice. Thank you, Reverend Wargo.”


“It was really a great pleasure working with Reverend Dennis as our officiant. He did not deliver a cookie cutter wedding. He allowed us to customize our wedding according to our likes and beliefs while guiding us along the way. He was always professional and patient. I would hire Reverend Dennis to officiate my wedding anytime, too bad for him that was my forever wedding.”

Yves M. Joseph

“Rev. Dennis Wargo was absolutely fantastic. He always answered in a timely manner and answered any questions that we had. He even checked in on us throughout the planning process, which we really appreciated! He met with my husband and I the week of the wedding to go over the ceremony, and attended the rehearsal. I loved his wedding booklet and getting to choose the perfect ceremony. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Rev. Dennis!”

Stephanie Haas

“Dennis was awesome! He kept in contact with us from the time we sent our first email until after the wedding! He made planning the ceremony super easy with all of his guides! Never had a problem with us wanting to change anything! Also made it to rehearsal which was super helpful for the day of the wedding!”

Jamie D.

“Rev. Dennis was a pleasure to work with in planning our ceremony. His attention to detail allowed was awesome and it made the ceremony the easiest part of the day to plan! All of my guests loved him and the service. I am so glad we chose him to marry us!”

Mrs. D.

“Dennis was wonderful in helping us create the most special day of our lives. We wanted a small ceremony so we chose the elopement package and he was great in helping us plan our wedding in just a short month. He even met us for dinner to go over everything. Our day was beautiful with thanks to Dennis. I would highly recommend him for your special day!”


“AMAZING! Rev. Dennis was such a pleasure to work with. He truly goes by his motto: Your Life! Your Love! Your Wedding! We were able to customize our ceremony the way we wanted without any push back. We had drafts before the wedding and were able to get a sneak peak of ceremony before it happened! We appreciated that he checked in regularly months leading up to the wedding. It was overall a great experience working with him! We would highly recommend him to anyone!”

Mr. & Mrs. Moose

“We were recommended to Rev. Dennis Wargo by a colleague and the services he performed were far and above anything we could have imagined. Along with very fair prices, an extensive choice of options for our ceremony. At the last minute it was decided that we were going to have a catholic and Jewish ceremony combined. Dennis was completely on board and the day of the rehearsal things were added and changed on the fly that we not only loved, but we were floored of his knowledge about the decisions.”


“Rev. Dennis Wargo was a pleasure to work with. He was professional, organized, and prompt on all of our communication before the ceremony as well as the day of our wedding. He helped us personalize our ceremony so that it best resembled my husband and I, and he was also patient with both of us as we were unfamiliar with this process. I would not hesitate to recommend Rev. Dennis Wargo, as he went above and beyond for our wedding to make our ceremony fit our specific needs.”

Lindsey O.

“Rev. Dennis was great to work with. He was professional and attentive. Dennis accommodated us every step of the way, helped refine the process, and did so with just the right amount of levity. His communication was clear and thorough. On wedding day I was impressed with the way Dennis did little things which made the ceremony easy for everyone to follow, (including my wife and I). Without reservation, I would recommend Rev. Dennis to anyone looking for an officiant.”


“Rev. Dennis was incredible during the entire process of planning our wedding up to the day of the ceremony. He is extremely organized & makes the process for choosing your ceremony layout seamless. He was accommodating & open to our questions & ideas to make the ceremony personalized to us. During the rehearsal he was calm & patient as we figured out the process & allowed everyone to understand what to do & the day of the wedding he checked on both my husband & I to make sure we were ok.”

Kayla Jones

“After 12 years together and a blended family we decided to make it official. Reverend Dennis made the entire process so easy. We were able to customize our ceremony to fit our personalities. We chose the Elopement Package and he accommodated us so we could get married within 2 weeks. It was a small ceremony with only 6 of us and Reverend Dennis was kind enough to even fill in as our photographer. We would definitely recommend him to officiate any wedding, large or small.”


“Rev. Wargo was our perfect wedding officiant. From the initial email consultation through follow up after the ceremony, Rev. Wargo balanced warmth and joy with the utmost professionalism. Our ceremony was simple and beautiful; he helped make our special day everything we had hoped for. Rev. Wargo walked us through every step up of the planning process. The informative packets he sent out and all email correspondences were detailed and easy to follow. He creates a ceremony for you, about you!”


“You can't go wrong with Rev. Dennis as your wedding officiant! He made the ceremony aspect super easy. He sent us idea after idea of how to create the ceremony we wanted, letting us customize every last detail of our ceremony. He was always available to speak with and went above and beyond to make sure we had the ceremony we wanted. We feel very lucky that we found him and chose him as our wedding officiant. My husband and I can not recommend Rev. Dennis Wargo enough!”


“Rev. Dennis is both professional and kind. We used an 'elopement' option for a surprise, outdoor ceremony. Rev. Dennis could not have been more accommodating. He helped to make our day as stress-free as possible and truly performed a beautiful ceremony that was tailored to our wishes.”


“Rev. Wargo was more than helpful and really saved the day. I had 24 hours to plan a wedding and he was timely, detail oriented, and accommodating. He was well spoken, confident, and passionate. Dennis was great, he was caring and understanding of my needs without question the best in the business. I can tell he loves what he does and it shows with his kind demeanor and the way he smiles. When I renew my vows he will be my first pick. Thanks again, Rev, you really saved us.”

Sarah Cates

“Rev. Dennis did a fantastic job conducting our wedding ceremony. He let us customize it to suit our tastes but also offered guidance based on his experience. If we had questions, he was always very quick to get back to us. We received so many compliments on how nice the ceremony was and how friendly Rev. Dennis was. I’ve already recommended him to several friends! Thank you so much for being a part of our special day!!”


“We had nothing but positive experiences with Reverend Dennis. He was extremely easy to work with and helped to make the whole experience stress free! His professionalism and presence made our wedding a classy affair where our friends and family all commented on how perfect it had all gone. Reverend Dennis comes highly recommended and we have nothing but gratitude for him and the part he played in helping to officiate our union together. Thank you, Reverend Dennis, and great job!”


“It was wonderful working with Rev. Wargo. We chose to have a simple wedding ceremony and we were able to tailor the ceremony to fit our vision. He was great at communicating throughout the entire process and he was always very professional. We would highly recommend Rev. Wargo.”


“Reverend Dennis helped us SO much with creating a completely perfect wedding day! I highly recommend his services to anyone planning to marry. He made us feel comfortable, kept us up to date the whole time and was so polite to our family at the ceremony! We can't thank him enough!”


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“Your Wedding Officiant is pleased to announce two Ministers who have joined our ranks. Min. Georgeanne (Gigi) Trask, M.Ed. and Min. Judith (Judy) Shannon, B.S. Both are a blessing to our group!”

“Your Wedding Officiant has expanded its service area! I am now authorized to perform Wedding Ceremonies in the State of Ohio and the State of West Virginia.”

“Your Wedding Officiant has expanded its services to include those individuals getting married with children. I will work to include your children in a very special way on your Wedding Day, thus enabling them to feel more a part of your special day. Often times in the rush of planning a wedding existing children are often left out of the planning and ceremony. I believe it is time that we include them as a part of this new and unique family endeavor. I am also offering an Engagement Ceremony, again tailored to your particular circumstances and desires. A wonderful way to publically proclaim your intention to marry your beloved - along with a great opportunity for a party! Finally, for those already married. What a great way to celebrate your anniversary than with a renewal of your Wedding Vows. Again, tailored to your tastes and desires. Please feel free to check out these new options and services on my website.”

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