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South Texas Weddings

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Victoria, TX

(361) 579-7137

Updated 3 weeks ago

South Texas Weddings

  (7 reviews)

Top Reviewed

Victoria, TX

(361) 579-7137

Updated 3 weeks ago

Personalized, custom wedding ceremonies based on the wishes of the couple - can be traditional/conventional, spiritual but not 'religious', strictly secular or a celebration with metaphysical, Native American or New Thought components. Your Day - Your Way. Located in Victoria.

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“Dr. Caldwell was exceptional! We had to work together remotely to sort out the ceremony and then the weather played with us a bit on the day of the wedding. He was flexible, determined, sweet, and incredibly professional through all of the challenges! Best memories ever! Thank you!”

Didi Smith

“We liked it when Dr. Dick said '"there is no right or wrong way to get married." He helped us do what we wanted and it was great.”

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Taylor

“My mom is very hard to please and she said this was the nicest ceremony she has ever seen.”

Mrs. Jason Reeves

“John was so nervous; Dr. Caldwell took him aside and said just the right words to help him compose himself. He made us both feel so comfortable... and his ceremony was beautiful. For me it was a dream come true; thanks to him.”

Mr. & Mrs. John Fowler

“I just want to say a big thank you for helping David arrange such a beautiful wedding. We really enjoyed our stay at the hotel you suggested... it was a nice surprise after camping n a tent for a week. Whenever I smell the herbal soap we were given, it reminds me of getting ready for the wedding. You made us feel special. The Indian bowls used during the ceremony were a lovely touch.”

Mrs. David Castignetti

“Thank you for making this day so special for us. You have a very spiritual presence about you - could you be a wood elf? (wink).”

Mr. & Mrs. Jackie Brown

“We feel blessed to have found such a warm and personable person who took a great deal of time and effort to plan our wedding. We were active participants in the creation of our ceremony and vows, which meant a great deal to us. The ceremony was, of course, beautiful.”

Mr. & Mrs. John Corcoran

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