21. Featherbed Bed Inn

Waitsfield, VT 

Featherbed Bed Inn
22. The Nomadic Chef

Starksboro, VT 

The Nomadic Chef
23. Fassett Photography

Alton Bay, NH 

Fassett Photography
24. Diana Moore, Interfaith Minister

Danville, VT 

Diana Moore, Interfaith Minister
25. Jasper & Prudence Floral

Perkinsville, VT 

Jasper & Prudence Floral
26. The Pixel Perfection

Litchfield, NH 

The Pixel Perfection
28. Matrazzo Florist

Mechanicville, NY 

Matrazzo Florist
29. Vermont Country Images

Bennington, VT 

Vermont Country Images
30. Gibbons Photography

Bedford, NH 

Gibbons Photography