31. DJ Patrick McIntyre

Clinton, MA 

DJ Patrick McIntyre
32. Old South Meeting House

Boston, MA 

Old South Meeting House
33. Nicole Chan Photography

Quincy, MA 

Nicole Chan Photography
34. Vogue Wedding Favors

Franklin, MA 

Vogue Wedding Favors
35. Revere Hotel Boston Common

Boston, MA 

Revere Hotel Boston Common
36. Easton Country Club

South Easton, MA 

Easton Country Club
37. Humanist-Rites

Brookline, MA 

38. Mena D. Photography

Brookline, MA 

Mena D. Photography
39. Land Escapes

Arlington, MA 

Land Escapes
40. Saphire Estate & The Villa

Sharon, MA 

Saphire Estate & The Villa