2. DJ Nicky Wood

Serving Waterloo, NY 

DJ Nicky Wood
3. Your Day With Grace

Serving Waterloo, NY 

Your Day With Grace
4. Homestead Ministries International

Serving Waterloo, NY 

Homestead Ministries International
5. Affordable Photography & Video

Serving Waterloo, NY 

Affordable Photography & Video
6. Andrew and Elisha Wedding Photography

Serving Waterloo, NY 

Andrew and Elisha Wedding Photography
7. BIG TIME Music & Lights

Clifton Springs, NY 

BIG TIME Music & Lights
8. Lisa Craig Fenwick, Harpist

Ithaca, NY 

Lisa Craig Fenwick, Harpist
9. Rachel Gracie Photography

Rochester, NY 

Rachel Gracie Photography
10. Cyndee Sharpe Photography

Elbridge, NY 

Cyndee Sharpe Photography