11. Broadway Productions

Serving Springfield, MA 

Broadway Productions
12. Rabbi David Altman

Serving Springfield, MA 

Rabbi David Altman
13. Rev. Kathleen Kufs with JOY Unlimited

Serving Springfield, MA 

Rev. Kathleen Kufs with JOY Unlimited
15. K Shea & Company

Ellington, CT 

K Shea & Company
16. Schaler Photography

East Longmeadow, MA 

Schaler Photography
17. Dani. Fine Photography

Northampton, MA 

Dani. Fine Photography
18. The Bushnell

Hartford, CT 

The Bushnell
19. The Gateways Inn

Lenox, MA 

The Gateways Inn
20. Cohasse Country Club

Southbridge, MA 

Cohasse Country Club