71. Amanda Red

Madison, WI 

Amanda Red
72. Willie Fun Entertainment

Franklin, WI 

Willie Fun Entertainment
73. Photos by Jenna Leigh

Madison, WI 

Photos by Jenna Leigh
74. Hafermann Photography

Wisconsin Rapids, WI 

Hafermann Photography
75. Denise Arkola Photography

Madison, WI 

Denise Arkola Photography
76. Jesse Konkle Photography

Sherwood, WI 

Jesse Konkle Photography
77. Savory Catering

Milwaukee, WI 

Savory Catering
78. Millhome Supper Club

Kiel, WI 

Millhome Supper Club
79. DJ Express

West Bend, WI 

DJ Express
80. Carroll Studios of Photography

Milwaukee, WI 

Carroll Studios of Photography