31. Spencer Photography Inc.

Cleveland, OH 

Spencer Photography Inc.
32. Vaccaro's Trattoria

Akron, OH 

Vaccaro's Trattoria
33. Larrow Photographics

Temperance, MI 

Larrow Photographics
34. Roses For Weddings

Medina, OH 

Roses For Weddings
35. Castaway Bay

Sandusky, OH 

Castaway Bay
36. Berardi's Family Kitchen

Sandusky, OH 

Berardi's Family Kitchen
37. Renaissance Cleveland Hotel

Cleveland, OH 

Renaissance Cleveland Hotel
38. Graystone Hall

Perrysburg, OH 

Graystone Hall
39. Molly McCabe Photography

Beachwood, OH 

Molly McCabe Photography
40. The Oaks Lakeside

Chippewa Lake, OH 

The Oaks Lakeside