31. Chambliss Floral Design

Lexington, KY 

Chambliss Floral Design
32. Moonlight Photographic

Knoxville, TN 

Moonlight Photographic
33. The Blackthorn Club

Jonesborough, TN 

The Blackthorn Club
34. Chantilly Bridal

Russell Springs, KY 

Chantilly Bridal
35. The Sound Factory

Asheville, NC 

The Sound Factory
36. Crest Weddings

Asheville, NC 

Crest Weddings
37. Stephen Bates Photography

Richmond, KY 

Stephen Bates Photography
38. Waves of Emotions

Candler, NC 

39. Purple Iris Floral

Asheville, NC 

Purple Iris Floral
40. Picsee Studio

Kingsport, TN 

Picsee Studio