11. Wine Country Gardens

Defiance, MO 

Wine Country Gardens
12. Joyful Sounds

Pittsburg, MO 

Joyful Sounds
13. Makeup Artist- NIKKI SMITH

Springfield, MO 

Makeup Artist- NIKKI SMITH
14. New Sound Entertainment

Arnold, MO 

15. Can-A-Lope Weddings

Sparta, MO 

Can-A-Lope Weddings
16. Holiday Inn Columbia, MO

Columbia, MO 

Holiday Inn Columbia, MO
18. T. Brown Photography

Columbia, MO 

T. Brown Photography
19. A Moment of Grace Florist

Warrenton, MO 

A Moment of Grace Florist
20. Sugar & Spice Laura's Delights

Montgomery City, MO 

Sugar & Spice Laura's Delights