21. Fleur de Lis Events & Design

Louisville, KY 

Fleur de Lis Events & Design
22. Chambliss Floral Design

Lexington, KY 

Chambliss Floral Design
23. Gardens at Ray Eden

Clarksville, IN 

Gardens at Ray Eden
24. Byron Photography

Cincinnati, OH 

Byron Photography
25. Chantilly Bridal

Russell Springs, KY 

Chantilly Bridal
26. Sherri Barber Photography

Cincinnati, OH 

Sherri Barber Photography
27. Stephen Bates Photography

Richmond, KY 

Stephen Bates Photography
28. Greg Biagi Photography

Shelbyville, KY 

Greg Biagi Photography
29. Tux and Tunes

Mount Washington, KY 

Tux and Tunes
30. Amy Shepherd Photography

Louisville, KY 

Amy Shepherd Photography