31. Jacob Messer Photography

Excelsior Springs, MO 

Jacob Messer Photography
32. The Family Medallion

Kansas City, MO 

The Family Medallion
34. Courtney Tompson Photography

Moberly, MO 

Courtney Tompson Photography
35. Grandma's Catering

Kansas City, MO 

Grandma's Catering
36. SNAP Photography

Kansas City, KS 

SNAP Photography
37. Hillcrest Golf & Country Club

Kansas City, MO 

Hillcrest Golf & Country Club
38. Drexel Hall

Kansas City, MO 

Drexel Hall
39. Weston Red Barn Farm

Weston, MO 

Weston Red Barn Farm
40. Bella Bree Photography

Blue Springs, MO 

Bella Bree Photography