21. Rev Wiley Depew

Fort Collins, CO 

Rev Wiley Depew
22. Grand Gateway Hotel

Rapid City, SD 

Grand Gateway Hotel
23. A Fresh Attitude Floral

Douglas, WY 

A Fresh Attitude Floral
24. Music Unlimited

Laramie, WY 

Music Unlimited
25. Creek Side Event Center

North Platte, NE 

Creek Side Event Center
26. Photography by Suzette

Windsor, CO 

Photography by Suzette
27. Ted H Davis Photography

Fort Collins, CO 

Ted H Davis Photography
28. Sunshine Valley Gardens

Piedmont, SD 

Sunshine Valley Gardens
29. Sounds of the Rockies

Fort Collins, CO 

Sounds of the Rockies
30. The Wolcott Galleria

Casper, WY 

The Wolcott Galleria