31. Amanda Barbosa - Photographer

Dayton, OH 

Amanda Barbosa - Photographer
33. America's Packard Museum

Dayton, OH 

America's Packard Museum
34. PipeStone Golf Club

Miamisburg, OH 

PipeStone Golf Club
35. The Cake Diva Cake Shop

Waynesville, OH 

The Cake Diva Cake Shop
36. Leigh Zeidner Pictures

Dublin, OH 

Leigh Zeidner Pictures
37. Coopers Farm

Ludlow Falls, OH 

Coopers Farm
38. L.C. Media

Fort Wayne, IN 

L.C. Media
39. Ice Scultures by Ramon

Dayton, OH 

Ice Scultures by Ramon
40. Ashby Floral Boutique

Hilliard, OH 

Ashby Floral Boutique