41. Jacob Messer Photography

Excelsior Springs, MO 

Jacob Messer Photography
43. The Family Medallion

Kansas City, MO 

The Family Medallion
44. Courtney Tompson Photography

Moberly, MO 

Courtney Tompson Photography
45. Grandma's Catering

Kansas City, MO 

Grandma's Catering
46. Hillcrest Golf & Country Club

Kansas City, MO 

Hillcrest Golf & Country Club
47. SNAP Photography

Kansas City, KS 

SNAP Photography
48. Drexel Hall

Kansas City, MO 

Drexel Hall
49. The New Montgomery Florist

Montgomery City, MO 

The New Montgomery Florist
50. White Knight Coaches & Limos

Columbia, MO 

White Knight Coaches & Limos