11. The Cake Diva Cake Shop

Waynesville, OH 

The Cake Diva Cake Shop
12. Leigh Zeidner Pictures

Dublin, OH 

Leigh Zeidner Pictures
13. Columbus Museum of Art

Columbus, OH 

Columbus Museum of Art
14. A Gathering of Flowers

Loveland, OH 

A Gathering of Flowers
15. Bourbon Street Bartending

Cincinnati, OH 

Bourbon Street Bartending
16. Coopers Farm

Ludlow Falls, OH 

Coopers Farm
17. Ice Scultures by Ramon

Dayton, OH 

Ice Scultures by Ramon
18. Ashby Floral Boutique

Hilliard, OH 

Ashby Floral Boutique
19. Delightful Sounds

Columbus, OH 

Delightful Sounds
20. LensPainter Photography

Cedarville, OH 

LensPainter Photography