51. Fusion Photography

Louisville, KY 

Fusion Photography
52. The Historic Hannah House

Indianapolis, IN 

The Historic Hannah House
53. Caitlin Sullivan Photography

Indianapolis, IN 

Caitlin Sullivan Photography
54. Ramsi's Café on the World

Louisville, KY 

Ramsi's Café on the World
55. Malone's Catering

Indianapolis, IN 

Malone's Catering
56. Eagle Pointe Golf Resort

Bloomington, IN 

Eagle Pointe Golf Resort
57. Prestwick Country Club

Avon, IN 

Prestwick Country Club
58. R & R Limousine

Louisville, KY 

R & R Limousine
59. Schnitzelbank Catering

Jasper, IN 

Schnitzelbank Catering
60. IndyAnna's Catering

Carmel, IN 

IndyAnna's Catering