41. Premiere Catering Company

Portland, OR 

Premiere Catering Company
42. Geiser Grand Hotel

Hillsboro, OR 

Geiser Grand Hotel
43. The Country Inn Event Center

Eugene, OR 

The Country Inn Event Center
44. XRATS Productions

Talent, OR 

XRATS Productions
45. Artistic Flowers & Home Decor

Lake Oswego, OR 

Artistic Flowers & Home Decor
46. Rebekah Johnson Photography

Portland, OR 

Rebekah Johnson Photography
47. Leah Verwey Photography

Portland, OR 

Leah Verwey Photography
48. Joshua Rainey Photography

Springfield, OR 

Joshua Rainey Photography
49. Weddings Now

Oregon City, OR 

Weddings Now
50. Spencer Photography

Oakridge, OR