71. Metro Cuisine

Columbus, OH 

Metro Cuisine
72. Cathy Cowgill Flowers

Canton, OH 

Cathy Cowgill Flowers
73. Brandon and Rana Wedding Photography

Long Bottom, OH 

Brandon and Rana Wedding Photography
74. Crimson Leaves Photography

Westerville, OH 

Crimson Leaves Photography
75. Dyer Times Ministries, Inc.

Moundsville, WV 

Dyer Times Ministries, Inc.
76. Weddings by Jester

Chillicothe, OH 

Weddings by Jester
78. Amitai Sela Photography

Powell, OH 

Amitai Sela Photography
79. Will and Catrina Photography

Charleston, WV 

Will and Catrina Photography
80. Emily Porter Photography

Charleston, WV 

Emily Porter Photography