21. Lake Forest Confections

Saint Louis, MO 

Lake Forest Confections
22. The Edge of Webster

Saint Louis, MO 

The Edge of Webster
23. Ces & Judy's Catering

Saint Louis, MO 

Ces & Judy's Catering
24. Specialty Cakes

Springfield, IL 

Specialty Cakes
25. You've Been Framed Video

Decatur, IL 

You've Been Framed Video
26. Earlybird Wedding Services

Collinsville, IL 

27. Blissful Images

Peoria, IL 

Blissful Images
28. Where Brides Go.

Saint Louis, MO 

Where Brides Go.
29. EastPort Banquet & Meeting Center

East Peoria, IL 

EastPort Banquet & Meeting Center
30. Larimore House Plantation

Saint Louis, MO 

Larimore House Plantation