41. Columbus Museum of Art

Columbus, OH 

Columbus Museum of Art
42. Castaway Bay

Sandusky, OH 

Castaway Bay
43. Berardi's Family Kitchen

Sandusky, OH 

Berardi's Family Kitchen
44. Coopers Farm

Ludlow Falls, OH 

Coopers Farm
45. L.C. Media

Fort Wayne, IN 

L.C. Media
46. Belmont Country Club

Perrysburg, OH 

Belmont Country Club
47. The Briarfield Cafe

Maumee, OH 

The Briarfield Cafe
48. Ashby Floral Boutique

Hilliard, OH 

Ashby Floral Boutique
49. Ice Scultures by Ramon

Dayton, OH 

Ice Scultures by Ramon
50. Delightful Sounds

Columbus, OH 

Delightful Sounds