21. Heritage Photography of Ohio

Milford, OH 

Heritage Photography of Ohio
22. Nfocus Image

Richmond, KY 

Nfocus Image
23. Lobster Photography

Cincinnati, OH 

Lobster Photography
24. Studio Walz Photography

Lexington, KY 

Studio Walz Photography
25. Nice Shots Photography

Madison, IN 

Nice Shots Photography
26. Malicote Photography

Lexington, KY 

Malicote Photography
27. Melanie Mauer Photography

Lexington, KY 

Melanie Mauer Photography
28. Ben Keeling Photography

Richmond, KY 

Ben Keeling Photography
29. GX2 Photography

Danville, KY 

GX2 Photography
30. Kelli Ladd Photography

Harrodsburg, KY 

Kelli Ladd Photography