11. Spiritual Services Ministry

Serving Shelby, OH 

Spiritual Services Ministry
12. Ministers and More

Serving Shelby, OH 

Ministers and More
13. Sacred Vows Ministry

Serving Shelby, OH 

Sacred Vows Ministry
14. Wedding Officiant Jeff

Serving Shelby, OH 

Wedding Officiant Jeff
16. Reverend Diane Clancy

Serving Shelby, OH 

Reverend Diane Clancy
17. Rev. Williams Ministries

Reynoldsburg, OH 

Rev. Williams Ministries
18. Rev. Ralph Heimburger, Th.D

Berea, OH 

Rev. Ralph Heimburger, Th.D
20. Akron Canton Wedding Officiant

Uniontown, OH 

Akron Canton Wedding Officiant