1. The Country Florist

Marysville, CA 

The Country Florist
2. Flyboy Naturals

Myrtle Creek, OR 

Flyboy Naturals
3. From the Heart Floral Design

Albany, OR 

From the Heart Floral Design
4. Barb's Flowers

Roseburg, OR 

Barb's Flowers
5. Blue Daffodil Flowers

Bend, OR 

Blue Daffodil Flowers
6. Autry's 4 Seasons Florist

Bend, OR 

Autry's 4 Seasons Florist
7. Milwood Florist & Nursery

Susanville, CA 

Milwood Florist & Nursery
8. Mendocino Floral Design

Mendocino, CA 

Mendocino Floral Design
9. Cambray Rose Florist

Chico, CA 

Cambray Rose Florist
10. Anderson Florists

Anderson, CA 

Anderson Florists