21. Columbus Museum of Art

Columbus, OH 

Columbus Museum of Art
22. Rev. Williams Ministries

Reynoldsburg, OH 

Rev. Williams Ministries
23. Coopers Farm

Ludlow Falls, OH 

Coopers Farm
24. Ice Scultures by Ramon

Dayton, OH 

Ice Scultures by Ramon
25. Ashby Floral Boutique

Hilliard, OH 

Ashby Floral Boutique
26. Delightful Sounds

Columbus, OH 

Delightful Sounds
27. LensPainter Photography

Cedarville, OH 

LensPainter Photography
28. Divine Catering & Events

Dayton, OH 

Divine Catering & Events
29. The Westin Great Southern Hotel

Columbus, OH 

The Westin Great Southern Hotel
30. Unforgettable Moments

Dayton, OH 

Unforgettable Moments