11. Haddad's Downtown Restaurant

Peoria, IL 

Haddad's Downtown Restaurant
12. Alwan & Sons Meat Company

Peoria Heights, IL 

Alwan & Sons Meat Company
13. Hickory River Smokehouse

Decatur, IL 

Hickory River Smokehouse
14. Turasky's Catering

New Berlin, IL 

Turasky's Catering
15. Pottstown Meat and Deli

Peoria, IL 

Pottstown Meat and Deli
16. One World Cafe

Peoria, IL 

One World Cafe
17. Crystal Catering

Carmel, IN 

Crystal Catering
18. Chef's Catering

Washington, IL 

Chef's Catering
19. Arena Food Service & Catering

Springfield, IL 

Arena Food Service & Catering