1. Colorful Palate

Arden, NC 

Colorful Palate
2. Celine and Company Catering

Asheville, NC 

Celine and Company Catering
3. Big Dave's BBQ Restaurant

Clemson, SC 

Big Dave's BBQ Restaurant
4. Bagatelle Caterers

Greenville, SC 

Bagatelle Caterers
5. Something Classic Catering

Charlotte, NC 

Something Classic Catering
6. Black-Eyed Susan Catering

Black Mountain, NC 

Black-Eyed Susan Catering
7. Absolutely Sensational Catering

Gatlinburg, TN 

Absolutely Sensational Catering
8. Corner Kitchen

Asheville, NC 

Corner Kitchen
9. Artisan Catering & Deli

Candler, NC 

Artisan Catering & Deli
10. Johnnie's Catering Company

Old Fort, NC 

Johnnie's Catering Company