1. Pepper Moon Catering

Greensboro, NC 

Pepper Moon Catering
2. Holly Tate Fine Catering

Winston Salem, NC 

Holly Tate Fine Catering
3. India Garden Restaurant

Blacksburg, VA 

India Garden Restaurant
4. Rosa Mae's Catering

High Point, NC 

Rosa Mae's Catering
5. Southern Season Catering

Chapel Hill, NC 

Southern Season Catering
6. Culinary Visions Catering

Greensboro, NC 

Culinary Visions Catering
7. Your Grate Escape

North Tazewell, VA 

Your Grate Escape
8. Painted Plate Catering

Greensboro, NC 

Painted Plate Catering
9. The Catering Company of Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC 

The Catering Company of Chapel Hill
10. Hill City BBQ

Lynchburg, VA 

Hill City BBQ