1. Chefanelli's Catering

Merced, CA 

Chefanelli's Catering
2. Yosemite Catering

Oakhurst, CA 

Yosemite Catering
3. Chefs of New York

Modesto, CA 

Chefs of New York
4. Seasoned to Taste

Fresno, CA 

Seasoned to Taste
5. Beth Sogaard Catering

Plymouth, CA 

Beth Sogaard Catering
6. Blue Angel Cafe & Catering Service

South Lake Tahoe, CA 

Blue Angel Cafe & Catering Service
7. Crest Catering Services

Tahoe City, CA 

Crest Catering Services
8. Chez Shari’s

Manteca, CA 

Chez Shari’s
9. The Seasons Catering

Modesto, CA 

The Seasons Catering
10. Sequoia Sandwich Company

Bakersfield, CA 

Sequoia Sandwich Company