2. The Suisse Shop Bakery

Columbus, OH 

The Suisse Shop Bakery
3. Clever Confections

Brookville, OH 

Clever Confections
4. Cheryl's Cake Shop

Fostoria, OH 

Cheryl's Cake Shop
5. Elé Cake Co.

Dayton, OH 

Elé Cake Co.
6. The Cake Studio

Powell, OH 

The Cake Studio
7. Haas Bakery

Oregon, OH 

Haas Bakery
8. Classic Confection Cakes

Dayton, OH 

Classic Confection Cakes
9. Cynthia's Cake World

Lima, OH 

Cynthia's Cake World
10. Angie's Cakes

Lima, OH 

Angie's Cakes